5 New Facebook Mobile Marketing Revamp

APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

Facebook is the fastest growing community since the day it has been developed. But after making success day and night still Mark Zuckerberg has some plans up his sleeves to revamp Facebook mobile marketing for more audience. As discussed in the currently held F8 Developer Conference, Facebook disclosed a set of features soon to be processed for optimization. The owner himself congregated all the social networking executives and developer to encourage for developing more applications to get more audience. Facebook has been involved in many schemes and movements that work to promote mobile marketing. This is done with the collaboration certain social media marketing apps and investments in Parse. Mobile marketing can be proved beneficial for the advertisers as they can now make a larger community. 5 revamps that this mobile marketing is being in demand for are mentioned below.

More Privacy Options

Facebook has made efforts to gain more trust of the clients. It has allowed the Third-party apps from where the users can control their privacy. Users have been provided with more privacy options to monitor more efficiently the stuff they post. This feature gives reliability to the Facebook community even better than before.

Ad Placements

Facebook mobile ad network has made it possible for the audience to post ads freely onto a third-party application. Facebook make approximately 59% of its revenue via this mobile ad network. As the advertisers post ads, it gets them the right audience for their app. Facebook mobile ad network is being used by any for promotions as well as it also benefits Facebook to great extent.

Developer-Friendly Tools.

Facebook has introduced some developer-friendly tools with the acquaintance of Parse. This enables the developers to get analysis and notifications via the Applinks. Moreover, it also helps developer subcontract multiple apps with cloud backend services being activated. The service is somehow confined for Android devices but IOS users can avail it.

Building Better Experience.

As per the statements of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook the company is on the go to set new targets for betterment. The foremost route to be taken towards the ultimate success and efficiency is to remove the bugs. The owner claims to remove them in 48 hours to maintain the reputation.

Anti-Identity Theft.

Facebook users do not need to disclose their identity on any platform. Facebook has introduced the anti-identity theft feature that does not require the user to enter his credentials. Users can now access and use any app being anonymous. This feature has been developed to keep the user's identities from being theft and misused. Currently, Facebook has testes Flipboard app using this latest feature.

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