Back Wars Mod Apk v1.11 Everything Unlocked

APK Bigs - May 23, 2023

Back Wars Mod Apk V1.11 Everything Unlocked
App Name Back Wars Mod Apk
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v1.11
Get it On air.BackWars
Price Free
Size 42.31MB
MOD Info 1.10 / Mod: Unlocked all
Category Strategy
Update May 23, 2023 (11 months ago)

Its name shows the type of game. It is a fighting game but with a twist. You can play this game in the dark ages but with modern armies and weapons. You can build your armies to conquer different territories and countries. You can also fight in many countries as the wars used to happen in the past.

The back wars take you back to a time when a large number of armed people fought in order to grab the land which belonged to other nations. It is a very interesting and historical game which you can play in high quality graphics and sounds. 

Back Wars Mod Apk

The Back Wars Apk

It is a standard form of the Back Wars APk game. It has many characters and armies which you can choose according to your taste. You have to fight in the medieval period but with the latest and modern weapons and armies which make it more interesting. 

Features of The Back Wars Apk

Multiple locations

It has numerous locations and continents. You can play in different territories at one time. You have the choice to choose any location to become dominating on that side of the world.

Engage in game maps

You can use the in-game maps to locate your characters and armies in different countries in order to fight and capture the land.

Develop your own nations

After conquering the territories, you can make your own nations. You also have a choice to build their culture and civilization. It is an addictive game for those who have interest in history and fighting.

Customize your character

You can customize your character according to your demand and needs. You can alter the powers and colors, shapes and costume of all the characters without any unlocking hassle.

High quality sounds and graphics

It has high quality sounds and graphics which supports the effect and movements of the characters and armies while fighting in the battlefield and conquering the countries.

Control and manage armies

You can fight with multiple characters and also you have the option to fight through managing different armies in many locations at the same time. It makes this game unique and interesting as you control many things at a time. .

Back Wars Mod Apk

Why is The Back Wars Mod Apk so Special?

It has all the features unlocked. In addition, it does not have any distractions and glitches. You can play it in both offline and online modes. It is an addictive and challenging game to play with friends and as a solo player by controlling the whole armies.  

Download Back Wars Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

The most recent version of the back wars mod apk has kept all the latest trends and trendy characters. It is updated from time to time to make it more advanced and interesting.  

Features of Back Wars Mod Apk

Unlimited lives

It has unlimited lives to play. You can play as many times as you want. It does not have any life or start system which makes you anxious about playing and having fun. 

No advertisements

It is a hacked version of the Back Wars mod APk. it does not have any third party ads which creates any distraction or make you wait for before or in between playing.

Simple interface

It has a simple interface but has high quality graphics. Even a beginner level player can also enjoy playing this game without any particular skills and techniques.

No subscription

You do not have to spend a penny for any subscription of the game. It is free to download. You can enjoy all the stages and characters without investing anything. 

Back Wars Mod Apk

Why Download The Back Wars Mod Apk?

It does not contain any advertisement. It is compatible with all devices. It can be played even without the internet. You can have fun with friends by controlling the largest armies.    

Procedure of Downloading Back Wars Mod Apk

You can download it from the website and google play store as well. Just write the back wars mod apk on the search bar and download it to play. .


The back wars mod apk is a hacked version of the back wars apk. It contains a lot of character and weapons. It is an addictive and challenging game which never makes you bored. It has a lot of missions and challenges to target and weapons.  

Back Wars Mod Apk

Final Verdict

The back wars mod apk is a hacked version of the back wars apk. It contains a lot of character and weapons. It is an addictive and challenging game which never makes you bored. It has a lot of missions and challenges to target and weapons.  



Q. Is the back wars mod apk harm my device?

No, it does not have any bugs or viruses which harm your device. It even never encrypts your device files. It is the safest game ever you will play.

Q. Does the back wars 3D graphic reduce internet speed?

No, it does not affect your internet speed as you can play this game offline and online as well. You can play it anywhere in the world.

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