10 best video editor apps for Android

APK Bigs - Feb 20, 2021

10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android

Video Editing is a process which takes so much time and effort to be done. On computer, video editing software take so much space and you should also know that how to use that video editing software. However, mobile phones do not have such power and specs to run heavy video editing apps smoothly as compare to computer. There are some great optimized video editing apps on mobile platform which can do basic editing stuff pretty nicely. You can easily edit your vlog videos and other videos with the help of these apps. Let's dive into it.

ActionDirector Video Editor

PRICE: Free / $3.99 ActionDirector is the most popular and powerful video editor app on Android platform. It is also available on Pc platform. You can do basic editing stuff pretty nicely with this app. You can add your own music behind your videos and you can trim or cut the video. You can add emojis, add text, add filters, employ slow motion and even more with this app. You can do color correction to adjust the colors of your videos. It is a great video editing app which does support 4K video as well. You can edit 4K video in this app but you must check that whether your device supports that or not. It gets updates pretty frequently just to keep the performance of the app maintained.

Adobe Premiere Rush

PRICE: Free / Up to $53.99 Per Month Adobe Premiere Rush is an above average video editing app by Adobe. There is another adobe app known as Adobe Premiere Clip which is much closer to the standard mobile app which you can download. Adobe Premiere Rush is a new video editing app with powerful editing tools and performance. It has multi-track timeline to edit more efficiently and easily. It supports cloud sync and has some advanced editing features. This app is new and optimization is great but there are some minor bugs. You can download this app from google play store to edit your videos more professionally. You can buy the subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud if you have used that service, because this app supports Adobe Creative Cloud feature. Adobe Premiere Rush


PRICE: Free / $7.99 FilmoraGo is a popular video editor software on Pc platform and now it is also available on Android platform. This video editor app has the basic and advanced video editing tools. It comes with great editing features. You can trim, cut and render the video with this app. You can apply filters and different available effects in your videos. You can use the feature to play the video in reverse. User Interface of this app is super clean and beautiful. It is so much easy to use this app. You can edit your videos and export them in High Definition without losing quality. It also supports overlays, texts, slow motion, motion blur, music and even more. There are in-app premium filters and items available which you can buy if you want to edit your videos more professionally. Most of the features are fully free and you can use them.

Funimate Video Editor

PRICE: Free with In-App Purchases Funimate is one of the great video editing app for android devices. This app is really simple to use and you can do some basic video editing stuff easily with the help of this app. This video editing app has 15 unique filters which you can apply on your videos. You can edit these filters to look good according to your choice. You can edit your small videos but if you want to edit your videos professionally, then this app is not much worthy. It is better for social media video editing and it has video effects as well. It is totally a free of cost editing app and you can download it in your android device. Funimate Video Editor


PRICE: Free / $2.99 per month / $9.99 per year / $29.99 once InShot is a unique and most simple video editing app on android platform. This app is greatly optimized for android devices and it has heavy focus on things like filters, effects, video trimming and shorter videos. It has simple timeline so that you can edit your video more simply. Use basic editing tools such as trimming, cut, color correction and crop etc. Add your own music behind your videos and you can also edit videos to post them on TikTok or Instagram. There are in-app purchases available which you can buy if you want more premium features and effects. You can see the packages or you can use the free version without any problem. Download it from google play store and start editing your short videos easily.


PRICE: Free / $4.99 Per Month KineMaster is basically the most powerful and most famous video editing app on android device. If you want to edit your videos professionally, then you must go with this app. You can do all basic editing stuff with this app. In premium version, you get advanced features such as multi-tracked timeline, advanced editing tools and more. This app also has Chroma Key feature. Use transitions, video effects, filters, add text, add emojis and even more with this app. However, it is not as powerful as computer editing apps but it is the most powerful video editing app on android. You can edit your Youtube videos, Facebook videos, Twitter videos and Instagram videos. You can use trial mode to check the premium features and then you can buy the app if you want to. It is officially available on google play store and you can easily download it from there.

Movie Maker Filmmaker

PRICE: Free Movie Maker Filmmaker is an android video editing app with basic editing tools. It is available for free on android and you can download it easily from google play store. You can edit your videos and can do trim, cut, apply filters and more. There are variety of video effects available in the editing app. Use these video effects and filters to make video more amazing and unique. The functionality of this app is not that great but your work will be done. You can edit small videos to post on social media. There are some changes which can be made by the developer and app will get improve by the time. There are ads in this app but it is totally free so it is worthy trying the app.

Power Director

PRICE: Free / $5.99 Power Director is one of the most powerful and comprehensive video editing app which is available on both Pc and Android platform. It has tons of great features and advanced editing tools. It has collage maker, various editing tools and slow motion effect. UI is super clean and simple. It is so much easy to use this app. It is totally free to download app. There are tons of premium features available. If you want to spice up your editing, then spend some money and buy the premium version of the app. Get powerful editing tools and advanced features. This editing app is optimized for large screens as well. There are tons of video effects and filters available. You can use font styles and add text in your videos. Overlay feature to apply filters more professionally. There are more video editing apps but this is the best one.


PRICE: Free Quik is a new generation video editing tool on android platform. It is pretty decent and simple to use. It has beautiful user interface. You can add up to 50 pics to make a slideshow video. Add multiple videos and make a short video from them. Add your own music behind your video and edit easily. Customize video with stunning filters and video effects. If you are not looking for professional editing app, then this is best for simple use. You can do all the basic video editing stuff with this app. It is completely free of cost and you can download and install this app from google play store. There are no in-app purchases which means that there is everything available that app has. It is not as powerful as other editing apps but it is light weight app for little editing.


PRICE: Free / $3.99 VivaVideo is an amazing video editor app on android platform which is exceptionally popular. Millions of users have downloaded this app. You can load clips and then edit them easily. It has storyboard editing style which is unique. Make short videos with great effects and filter. Post edited videos directly on social media. It has over 200 video effects and filters. There are tons of font style to add unique text in video. It also supports fast and slow motion. Make slow motion videos and add filters and effects. This editing app is totally free of cost but if you want some more extra features, then consider buying the premium version for more premium effects and filters. You can remove all the restriction by purchasing the paid version of this editing app. It is freely available on google play store and you can download it in any android device. The optimization of this app is enhanced greatly. Remove watermark by buying this app or you can use this for free with watermark.

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