Blocky Cars Premium Apk v8.4.0 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Nov 07, 2023

Blocky Cars Premium Apk V8.4.0 Unlimited Money
App Name Blocky Cars Premium Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v8.4.0
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Price Free
Size 39.65 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Action
Update November 07, 2023 (8 months ago)

You can enter the world of fieress blocky tanks and their unique races. There are so many cars with shooting abilities. You can drive them passionately and use different weapons during your races. You can set up different blocky parts of your trucks and make them more fiercess for riding.

The graphical representation is similar to minecrafts. You can enjoy this game a lot if you are a die hard fan of cars racing. There are unique battles in which you can engage in the most exciting way.There are so many fierce challenges you can take part in. You can enjoy racing like never before.

Blocky Cars Premium Apk

Download Blocky cars apk

This is the best block car racing game in which the unique design of cars and there are so many hurdles you will face. There are different cars that you can upgrade everytime. The guide maps can help you in your races.

Features of blocky cars apk

Cars races with shooters

This game carries a unique type of fun. You can do fierce race challenges and while shooting your opponent's cars. They can make your racing experience to untold heights. The sharpshooters can double the race fun.

So many blocky cars

There are more than 90 blocky cars like four wheelers, turbines and tank trucks which you can pick for your races. They are very uniquely design like the graphics of minecraft.

Create your own blocky car

You can add different bolt parts to your cars and design a whole new cars for yourself. You can increase the power of these cars so that they can last longer in the race.

Use unique strategies

You have to make proper strategies for your races. You just dont have to finish the race line but also have to tackle your enemy properly. It has different kinds of challenges in it that you have to endure.

Get help from guide maps

The game will provide you with a lot of guising maps that you can use to go through the game. They can give a better view of the game to you and make it easy for you to drive through the racetracks.

Blocky Cars Premium Apk

Hang out with your friends

You can play this game together with up to 8 players at a time. You can communicate with them in the chat and hang out together.

Why is blocky cars premium apk so special?

There are so many cars and immaculate challenges in this game version which can elevate the experience of common car racing. You can arm your cars with shooters and hunt down your opponents

Blocky Cars Premium Apk

Download blocky cars latest premium version 2023

You can enjoy a brilliant festival of car racing in this newer version. All of the cars are more savage in this version. The car rides will feel very smooth and floating.

Features of blocky cars premium apk

More car modes

You can play a lot of new racing modes in this version. All kinds of deadly races can be played in this version. All of the cars are upgraded for these brutal races.

New festive skins

You can get a new skin for every event in this game. All types of festivity are celebrated very well. You can enjoy the beautiful decorations and special gifts for your cars in this premium app.

More weapons to arm you cars

You can get as many weapons as you want. You can add them on your blocky car and make them more deadly. You can increase the win percentage by defeating your opponents with these shooters.

Built different blocks for your cars

You can build different car blocks in this version. There are more than 100 blocks that you can use to build different things. You can build these blocks like the minecraft block building style.

Why download Blocky cars premium apk?

This game gives you a better racing experience adored with a fighting spirit. You can enjoy riding the car of your choice. There are endless opportunities to secure this premium version.

Blocky Cars Premium Apk

Final Verdict

Blocky cars premium apk is a minecraft visual related game in which you can play car games in a different way. There are so many in game activities that you can do with your bulky cars. It can be played with so many players so that you can enjoy a fierce game with your friend community. This is a revolutionary car racing game where you can enjoy different challenges with a lot of amazing shooters.


Q. How do I record my game in blocky cars premium apk?

There is a recorder icon on top right of the screen. You can click this icon to start recording your game.

Q. Can I transform my car into a robot in blocky cars premium apk?

Yes you can transform your car into different machines and robots.

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