Day R Survival Premium MoD Apk v1.656 (Money) Android for Download

Compatible with4.1 and up
Latest versionv1.656
Google play linkcom.gm_shaber.dayr
Size72.9 MB

We all find history boring especially when we have to give a long exam for it, but there are some pieces of history from the past that unusually intrigue. The past events hold great importance to us no matter how much we deny the fact. One of the most talked about historical event is probably the world war how it happened, when it happened and where it ended. We all remember those events in our subconscious mind and wonder how it would have felt, if we were present in those times. Well a game developed known as ‘Day r survival’ is based upon the concept of war, inspired by the historical events that have taken place already. War is never easy for the humans to survive, in the past when the world became a radioactive dunk in just a few days people were fighting to survive the death and hunger etc. This game is exactly about all of this, in this game the players have to fight and survive in the war land. Day r survival is a masterpiece of the gaming world with quite a unique concept which has not been tried in the past.



  • Extreme survival

This game is different from the usual action fight games where all players have to do is fight the battle and win it, this game is quite different in terms of different survival challenges like you have to survive death, hunger, thirst and radiations etc. This gives players a chance to experience various war conditions.

  • Realistic Experience

Day r survival is highly inspired by the real war experiences that took place in the past, so players while playing will get to experience the war event virtually.

  • Engaging Challenges

The game is not boring or repetitive when you play it, each stage and level brings new challenge which you have to face. The one who survives the challenges gets maximum bonus points to avail stuff required to survive.

  • Outstanding features and graphics

Day r survival is graphically crafted to perfection, this game does not only require you to fight and survive but it also has great visuals to give you a realistic feel.


  • Game Size

The game is quite heavy as it has a number of features, this game upon download may cause your phone operations to slow down but it also depends on the storage space of your phone. A phone with smaller memory may not be able to support this application well.

  • Complicated game style

As this game has a lot of survival modes and challenges, people who are new to the gaming world may not understand how to play it. It will need practice and patience to learn how to play this game efficiently and master it.


  • Chat space

A big chat space with no limitations are provide so you can consult your team mates while designing strategies of survival and battle.

  • Multi gameplay

You have both the options whether to play individually or in a team which makes it a perfect game to play on game nights.

  • A new concept

This game has a new interesting concept which is not discovered in the previous games that have been developed.

  • Graphics

This game has beautiful graphics and is crafted to perfection when it comes to the environmental view with a lot of battle field options to choose from.

  • Skill enhancement

Day r survival will be a great source to improve your analytical and strategic skills, on the other hand, it will also rise your concentration threshold.


  • Bonus accumulation

By surviving the challenges, players get to earn a bigger bonus through which they can unlock bigger and better features to help them ace in the game.

  • Ad disable option

The new feature developed through which you can disable ads will help you play an unerupted game as players get really annoyed when advertisements pop up in the middle of the game.


This game is not very complicated to install, you just need to follow the instructions listed down below and your game will be ready to play:

  • First go to android phone settings.
  • Go to the downloaded files and enable the unknown source option.
  • Click on the game link provided, wait for a few minutes as it takes time to download.
  • Go to download file and click on the apk link.
  • Install the game on to your phone.
  • Lastly, establish a shortcut and enjoy the game.


Is this game available on Google play?

No! This game is not available on Google play to download the game you need to carefully follow the instructions mentioned above.

Is this game similar to the usual action games?

This game is based on the concept of war, however, its association with the real-life events make it quite unique to play. It gives the players the essence of real life.

Is this game free to play?

Yes! The game is free to play and you do not have to spend money to buy it.

Is this game based on real- life scenarios?

Yes! This game is based on the real-life events but the game strategies and survival mode are fictional to make the game interesting to play.

  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy


If you are a person who was very fascinated by the historical events and want to engrave the history in your mind, this game is exactly what you are looking for. You will learn how to survive under extreme conditions and the ways you can save your life during war virtually. Despite, the historical aspect this game is highly engaging due to the fact that it polishes your skill of making plans and strategies and how to implement those strategies. This game can prove to be a great brain exercise as it will polish your concentration and strategic skills. These type of really helps children become sharper in their studies as they practically learn by playing the game. Overall, this is a remarkable game if you are looking to play a game whose concept is different from every monotonous action game you have played before.

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