Effectum Apk v2.0.61 No Watermark

APK Bigs - Sep 21, 2023

Effectum Apk V2.0.61 No Watermark
App Name Effectum Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v2.0.61
Get it On editor.video.motion.fast.slow
Price Free
Size 78 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Video Players & Editors
Update September 21, 2023 (9 months ago)

Imagine you've just returned from an amazing vacation and you've got tons of videos that you want to share with your friends. But there's something missing – that extra flair that makes your videos stand out. That's where Effectum APK comes in! It's like having a magic wand to add special effects and cool stuff to your videos, even if you're not a pro at this stuff.

Let's look into what Effectum APK is all about and how it can make your videos go from ordinary to extraordinary. This app is surely going to blow your mind and you shouldn't miss this opportunity to learn about it.

Effectum APK

What is Effectum APK?

Effectum APK is an app for your phone that helps you make your videos look super cool. It's like having a mini movie studio right in your pocket. You can use it to change the way your videos look, add fun effects, and make them more interesting. Even if you've never edited a video before, Effectum APK is designed to be really easy to use.

Best Features of Effectum APK

User-Friendly Interface

Effectum APK is made for everyone, not just the tech-savvy folks. You won't get confused with lots of buttons and options. Everything is neatly arranged, so you can find what you need without any hassle.

Motion Tracking

Ever seen videos where something follows a moving object? With motion tracking in Effectum APK, you can make text, stickers, or effects stick to something that's moving in your video.

Instant Filters

Change the entire mood of your video with just one tap. Effectum APK could have a range of instant filters that give your video a cinematic or vintage look instantly.

Split-Screen Effects

Create videos that show two scenes side by side. You can even apply different effects to each side, making your video a visual storytelling masterpiece.

Voice-to-Text Conversion

Instead of typing out captions imagine if Effectum APK could turn your voice into text captions for your videos. This feature could save you time and make your videos more engaging.

Animated Text

Add life to your text by having it move or appear in a stylish way. Animated text can make your videos more dynamic and captivating.


Overlay a small video or image on top of your main video. This feature could be used to show reactions, commentary, or even a different perspective simultaneously.

Instant Social Media Templates

Create videos that are perfectly sized and styled for different social media platforms. Effectum APK could offer templates that are optimized for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Visual Effects Library

Imagine giving your video an old-timey look, like those classic movies. Or maybe you want to add some sparkle or magic effects. With Effectum APK, you can choose from lots of different effects to make your videos look just the way you want.


Have you ever seen videos where scenes change smoothly, like magic? That's because they used transitions. With Effectum APK, you can make your videos go from one scene to another in a super cool way.

Audio Enhancement

It's not just about how things look, but also how they sound. You can make your videos sound better by adjusting the volume, adding music, or even your own voice. Imagine narrating your video like a pro!

Effectum APK

New Features

3D Effects

Now, you can make your videos pop out of the screen with 3D effects. It's like watching a movie in a theater!

Sticker Library

Ever wanted to put funny hats or cute emojis in your videos? The sticker library has tons of cool stuff you can add to your videos to make them more fun.

Advanced Color Correction

Colors can change the mood of your video. With advanced color correction, you can make sure your videos look just the way you want them to.

Multi-Layer Editing

Imagine having different videos or pictures on top of each other. You can create cool collages or show two things happening at once. It's like having your own creative playground!

Why is Effectum APK a Good App?

Effectum APK is amazing because it's made for people who aren't experts in video editing. You don't need to spend hours learning how to use it – you can start making your videos look cool right away. It's like having a personal video magician!

Download Effectum APK Latest Version 2023

If you're excited to make your videos awesome, all you have to do is get the latest version of Effectum APK from your app store. Once you have it, you're ready to become a video editing pro!


Final Verdict

Effectum APK is a superpower for your videos. Even if you're just starting, it helps you create videos that are way more exciting and fun to watch. From adding cool effects to making your videos sound awesome, this app is your ticket to becoming a video editing pro. Don't miss out – download Effectum APK and let the video magic begin!


Q. Can I use the Effectum APK on my iPhone?

Yes, Effectum APK works on both Android phones and iPhones. So, no matter what kind of phone you have, you can join in on the fun!

Q. Do I need to pay for everything in Effectum APK?

Nope! You can use a bunch of cool stuff for free. But if you want some extra special effects, there are things you can buy if you want to.

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