Global City Mod Apk v0.7.8508 Unlimited Money

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Global City Mod Apk V0.7.8508 Unlimited Money
App Name Global City Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v0.7.8508
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Price Free
Size 140.87 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Coins, No Ads
Category Simulation
Update November 02, 2023 (4 months ago)

If you are bored of playing the same kind of games and want a different gameplay then this application is what you are looking for. Unlike other apps it has a really different and interesting gameplay as all of the tasks would have to be carried out by you instead of the app. You will have to face all the difficulties without any help. Think about how you want your city to be, name it and start building.

Download global city apk

This app is really different from others as it is not just a random sports or fighting game. It would allow you to unleash the ruler hidden in you. Build your own city with the best possible infrastructure. Build new buildings and useful stations for the betterment of the city. Create places that would ease the lives of the citizens. Build railways for the transport of citizens. Make sure to manage everything properly such as the collection of taxes which would further help you in expansion. Complete different missions and challenges to achieve rewards.

If you want to build your own city and think that you have the qualities to become a mayor then download the game today and enjoy the best features.

Global City Mod Apk

Download global city mod apk

Everything in this game has to be carried out with money. Money is the most important key to establishment in this game therefore try to increase your treasures as much as possible.

If you are unable to do so then try considering the packages that are provided by the app. They will allow you to buy in game money with real money of your own. Some people might not be in favour of doing this, so instead they can get the link to the modified version of the app and install it on their devices. This version is really beneficial as it would provide the user with unlimited money and coins which would make carrying out operations really easier and simpler.

Features of global city mod apk

Build your own city

Make use of resources to create buildings. Furthermore, create an entire city with beautiful infrastructure and manage it. First create the buildings that would be useful for you such as a powerstation to create electricity for the city.

Global City Mod Apk

Upgrade your buildings

At the beginning of your game, you would have less buildings hence your city would require less resources however as you start expanding, buildings would have to be upgraded for a higher output.

Relation with native cities

Establish good relations with your native cities by helping them when they are in need. Chat with them and trae resources. This would also decrease the chances of them attacking and trying to conquer your part.

Become the mayor

Think like the mayor of a city and establish policies and rules to run it smoothly. Make sure that crimes are avoided. Control the population so that the operations run smoothly.

Global City Mod Apk

Regular updates

The regular updates will bring you daily rewards and prizes. Any complaints by the users are immediately resolved and bugs are also fixed. New items and resources are introduced on a daily basis so that the users find the game new and interesting everytime.

Build a defence system

Build a strong defence system for your city so that you can avoid any invasions. For  more initiative gameplay, attack other areas and conquer them.

Play in clans

Play with your friends by teaming up with them and creating a clan. You can also create allies to attack others..

Chat with friends’

To make the game easier for you you are allowed to chat with friends or your neighbours so that effective communication is done thus problems and issues could be discussed.

Global City Mod Apk


Thi application would allow you to become a builder, a mayor and much more. Don't just think from their perspective rather think from the citizens perspective as well. Try to build things that would please them and further move you to expansion. If the population of your city is in a larger number, you will be able to collect more taxes from them. Create a city that attracts neighbour citizens as well. If you are in need of a resource try chatting with your neighbours and trade with them. Good relationship with native city is also very important in the game. Create a strong defence system so that your city is safe rather than attack other cities to get the most land. Enjoy playing this game with your friends in clans.



Q. Can I build an airport in a global city mod apk?

Yes you can build an airport for the citizens.

Q. What is the key to expansion in global city mod apk?

Build production stations, collect taxes and further utilise the money and resources.

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