Go launcher Pro Z Prime VIP Apk v3.20 (Full Premium) + Themes Pack Android

Go launcher Pro Apk
App NameGo launcher Pro Apk
Compatible with2.2 and up
Latest versionv3.20
DeveloperGOMO Live
Google play linkcom.gau.go.launcherex.key
Size52.4 MB

Go launcher Pro Z Prime VIP Apk:With a plethora of launches available in the App Store these days, one tends to get confused as to which one to opt for. Now what exactly does a launcher do for you? It is more of a personalisation app for your android smartphone. Go launcher is a similar app, but better than the rest.

It is a Beijing based company that lets you personalise your smartphone by providing you with different themes, HD wallpapers and widgets that are continuously updated, so you’re never out of options. Not only that, Go launcher takes over the activities of your smartphone, such as launching different mobile apps, making phone calls and performing other tasks, which means you get complete control over how your android smartphone should look.

And let’s admit it, generally stock android launches are very dull, monotonous and at times, difficult to manage. Go launcher Pro Z Prime VIP Apk:app is perfect for all the android users out there. Making it more exciting for them. Users can also block spam calls using this app. Doesn’t it sound amazing? So let’s have a look at some specifications of this game.

Pros and Cons


Free of cost:

This app is completely free of cost as an apk file though some features are purchased from the app if you download it from the google play store.

Bug fixes:

All technical issues are solved.


Downloading this file is 100% safe. It will keep the users phone protected, doesn’t matter if you download it from google play store or from the internet as an apk file.


  • File size: May hang the users phone due to huge file size.


Visually stunning:

The go launcher aids you in making your smartphone look much more vibrant and colourful. You have thousands of options to choose from.

Range of minimalistic themes and wallpapers:

If you’re not a huge fan of excessively vibrant screens, don’t worry, you get a tangle of minimalistic themes and wallpapers as well.

New updates:

This app is updated 365 says a week, so it’s nearly impossible to run out of options.

Apps management:

Apps are managed in this app. You can now hide and lock any app you like.

Identify calls:

You can now identify any unknown calls and block spam calls as well. You don’t have to worry about all the spammers out there now.

Fashion and fun:

Theme store brings lots of fun and fashion which can be really interesting for all the fashion lovers out there.

Easily available:

This app is easily available on google store and as an apk file on the internet.

New features:


1000+ themes available.

DIY option:

You can now DIY live wallpapers using this app. Moreover there is a massive amount of stickers, animations and wallpapers too. This is the perfect choice for people who like to customise stuff according to their own preference.

How to install?

  • This app can be downloaded in two ways. Firstly from the play store and from the internet as an apk file.
  • Firstly to download from google play store all you have to do is search go launcher pro on the play store and then tap the install button. Now enjoy this amazing app once it is installed.
  • To download this file from the internet as an apk file all you have to do is first go to the settings of your phone and click allow files from external sources in your phone.
  • Now go to the link you want to download from and start downloading.
  • Wait till the download is complete and now go to the file manager.
  • Now open the android folder and open go launcher pro,
  • Open the file, tap on the install button.
  • Check the app icon on your home screen. Tap on it and open the app. Now enjoy this wonderful app!


Does this app boost phone speed?

No. It does not. This app may slow down your phones performance due to a huge file size.

Does this phone have a huge amount of options to choose from?

Absolutely yes! This app gives a huge amount of options to choose from, from millions of themes to wallpapers to choose from. Also, one can diy live wallpapers with a massive amount of stickers, animations and wallpapers.

Is the app performance improved?

Yes. The app performance has been improved. All the technical issues this app facing have been solved. This app faces no problems.

Is this app safe

Yes. This app is completely safe if you download it from the google play store or as an apk file.

What’s the benefit of downloading this app as an apk file?

Benefit of downloading this as an apk file is that all the features in the apk file are completely free. However, some features need to be purchased if your download from the google play store.

Is this app fast?

Yes. This app is fast, however the file size may hang someone users phone. It depends on one’s phone RAM size.


  • Working
  • Easy To Use
  • Compatibility

Final verdict

This app is extremely useful for all the android users out there. It is a perfect option for all the users out there who want to personalise their phone. This app had a huge variety of wallpapers to choose from, the graphics give this app a very clear image. This app gives one a huge option of themes to choose from. Moreover, this app is continuously updated on daily basis which is a plus point for all the users out there since they won’t have to wait long for new updates. It’s perfect for users who like to keep themselves private. They can now hide and lock different apps on their phone. Also, people who are tired of unknown calls and want to block spam calls can easily do that as well using this amazing app. This app is perfect for people who like to customise stuff according to their own needs and preference.. It’s perfect for every android user out there so what are you waiting for? Download this app and enjoy many amazing features

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