Going Balls Mod Apk v1.74 Download All Balls Unlocked

APK Bigs - Nov 02, 2023

Going Balls Mod Apk V1.74 Download All Balls Unlocked
App Name Going Balls Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v1.74
Get it On com.pronetis.ironball2
Price Free
Size 187 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Casual
Update November 02, 2023 (6 months ago)

Sometimes games are the way to get your mind to relax and get a distraction from things. Simple games even make it easy to let go of the different anxieties as they don’t even make you have to put a lot of effort and mind into playing them.

This app is one such example of a simple, yet fun game where you have to just keep your ball going and rolling and avoid different obstacles that come in your way.  This game can be very addicting as you don’t have to do much but move your ball in the different directions to avoid and get through the various obstacles.

Going Balls Mod Apk

Download Going Balls APK

The touch system of the game is really easy and you can slide the ball with just simple swipes. The obstacles are all in the track where the ball just keeps rolling forward. The game can be challenging but in a very enjoyable way. And you can take out your device and start playing it whenever you want.

The game has different levels that are all unique from each other and take you on different tracks where with each progressing level, the obstacles will need to be avoided in a more vigilant manner.

Download Going Balls Mod APK

The different levels are designed in their own unique ways with different surroundings which makes each level seem distinct. You just have to go in either of the two directions, left or right, to get through the various objects and reach the finish line.

The obstacles can be in the form of blocks that move and try to get in your way. There will be boards also that are tilted to stop your ball but if you keep your focus on the track then you can easily avoid them. Your ball will blow up or its speed can reduce if these obstacles get to touch it. You can be one of the highest scorers in the game and get your name on top of the lists of all players.

Going Balls Mod Apk

Features of Going Balls Mod APK

Simple an intuitive controls

You can control your ball in the game with an easy swipe on your screen. You can swipe up to speed up your ball and get it to go at a faster pace and you can swipe down to make it go slow if you think that an object might hit you. Other than that, you just have to swipe right and left to make your ball go in the other direction.

Different tracks

The game has so many different tracks with each level and you get to experience different views. All the tracks have their distinct appeal like very narrow trail where it will be more difficult to keep away from the obstacles, the sky high trail will have more chances of your ball falling down if you move the ball too much etc.

Going Balls Mod Apk

Various levels

The game has over hundreds of different levels. These levels will not be similar and you will have a different experience with each of them. As the levels progress, you might feel that the difficulty level also increases but it never gets too hard to have fun with.

Various obstacles

As the ball keeps on rolling, the obstacles will keep on coming your way to make your journey harder. These obstacles can be the blocks that are mobile and unpredictable so you have to be mindful of the way they go to keep your ball away from them.

Different versions of the ball

The balls are also unique in the game. They can be of different colours and patterns that makes it even more interesting and not monotonous. You can choose the balls you like and start playing the game.

Going Balls Mod Apk


The visuals in the game are really nice to look at because all the colours are defined. The vibrant balls and the colourful obstacles will make the whole game seem brighter. With the additional feature of different surroundings and tracks that are beautifully designed, it will surely be an enjoyable experience.

Sound effects

The background music in games matters a lot because playing them on the low volume does not feel very exciting. Good soundtracks and background music can make a game playing experience even more fun and make it thrilling.

Unlimited money

The modified version of the game gives you access to unlimited money and rewards. You don’t have to successfully finish all the levels to earn a substantial reward with this version.

Going Balls Mod Apk


Download this game on your devices and play it anytime and anywhere because you do not have to be connected to the internet to enjoy it. This will definitely be a fun and adventurous game to play.


Q. Is Going Balls Mod APK a free game?

Yes, the app has no costs that you have to pay to be able to install it. Just go on the Google Playstore to download it for free or download the modified version of the game on the website.

Q. Does Going Balls Mod APK contain too many pop ups?

As it is known that advertisements ruin the flow of a game, the modified version is completely ad free.

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