Island War Mod Apk v5.0.6 (Unlimited Money and Wood) 2024

APK Bigs - Nov 10, 2023

Island War Mod Apk V5.0.6 (Unlimited Money And Wood) 2024
App Name Island War Mod APK
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v5.0.6
Get it On com.addictive.empire.clash.conquest&hl=en&gl=US
Price Free
Size 350MB
MOD Info Dumb Enemy
Category Strategy
Update November 10, 2023 (3 months ago)

War and battle are things that people don’t get to experience except to watch them or play games of such genre. With the advent of the internet, there have been many games developed to suit the tastes for such games but with so many options, you tend to look for the kind of games that will be fun and interesting.

This game brings you that experience of a war but with so many features and unique gameplay that you will not be disappointed. Millions of people from across the globe have downloaded this game and keep playing it because it is so addictive and enjoyable.

Island War Mod APK

Download Island War APK

A war game on an island, the name itself speaks a lot for itself and catches the interest of many people. It is definitely a unique game with different modes and levels that will not let you be bored. War means that there will be armies, and to command an army is not an easy task. You can learn the art of warcraft just by playing this game.

Your island is your homebase and to defend that base is your priority. Many armies come to attack the island and try to conquer it but your mission is simple, do not let these armies succeed. This game is not complicated at all with the controls being very basic to understand.

Download Island War Mod APK

You get to use various tools and aid to build a shelter on the island for your enemy so that your army will never be exposed to the attack of the enemies. You can get to go to different locations and islands in the game and get an opportunity to explore new worlds.

The modified version of the game does not require you to buy any premium features because you get all the features unlocked beforehand. There are so many options to upgrade the various aspects of the game like your army.

Features of Island War Mod APK

A strong and defensive army

The army is your main defense against the rival forces so you need to build and strengthen the army to be successful in your mission. Your troops help you in this aspect and you get to have many troops in the game that are trained to fight fully.

Defend the island

Try to come up with various tactics in the game to protect and defend your island. As you make shelters and other tools and items in the game, you have to be vigilant about the prospective attacks that can come at any time. An unforeseen attack is always on the horizon in this game, so be on a lookout.

Get to see different creatures

Many interesting people and creatures will also be there for you to see like wizards. Some creatures you get to see are only the stuff of fantasy but are available in the game for you ro find like ferocious dragons and various sea monsters that hide deep in the sea.

Explore different locations

You won’t be restricted to just one location in the game because you get to build your own boat that you use to travel to different islands and find so many beautiful locations. This is the adventure that you will find the most thrilling. You get to find and claim the biggest islands however, make sure that your island is not left undefended while you are out on your adventure.

Play with real players

The most interesting aspect of the game is that you get to invite your own friends to play with you or you play with real players from all over the world. Your rivals won’t be just a computer generated army but actual people. Play with your friends and see whose army is the best at defending and attacking in this game.

Loot your enemies

There are so many things to unlock and upgrade in this game but you need the money for that purpose which is why you need to successfully win against your enemies and loot their resources that you can use to upgrade your armies and build items for your island. You can get resources by completing the levels and missions but it can be easier to just loot your enemies.

Get neverending health

You can not let your health levels diminish in the game because once your health is finished, you automatically lose the war. The modified version gives you unlimited health so you keep playing until you win.

No ads

The original version of the game contains many ads which will be a hassle for all the gamers, however the modified version comes completely free of advertisements.

Island War Mod APK


This war game with so many elements from fantasy will take you in a completely different world. You get to play against the best players of the world which will increase your competitiveness. Download the game and start the warcraft.


Q. Can I play Island War Mod APK offline?

No, as this game involves gameplay with online gamers, you need to be connected to the internet while you play.

Q. Is Island War Mod APK free of cost?

Yes, the game is available for you without any costs and damage to the pocket.

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