MUSLIM PRO PREMIUM Apk v14.11 Final (Full) for Android and Download

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MUSLIM PRO PREMIUM Apk V14.11 Final (Full) For Android And Download
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Latest Version v14.11
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Update December 26, 2023 (4 months ago)

In the daily hustle of the world, one hardly can hardly keep up with their religious responsibilities which makes an individual extremely guilty when they forget or neglect their religious duties on the day to day basis. As science and technology has evolved in the past few decades, the religious scholars and enthusiasts has been working hard to extract ways through which they can pull people towards the religious path by making applications that can accommodate prayers effortlessly into their routines.

The main aim of the Muslims is to offer prayers and consult their god in every matter, be it good or bad in every moment of their lives. An application that has been quite popular amongst more than 20 million Muslims of this world is the Muslim pro premium which has the most accurate azan timings according to the inhabits locations of the people, not only this application will remind you to offer prayer on the set timings but it also has Quran which you can read on the go, Arabic versus of guidance, translators and audio which you can listen and lastly Qibla locators which you can access to know the Qibla direction anywhere in the world. 

The recent update in the application has been quite efficient as people can know the nearest mosques near them, the halal restaurants in their nearest vicinity and much more. If you are a Muslim and you struggle to keep up with the religious duties, you should definitely have this downloaded on your phone and become more efficient in performing your religious tasks.



Pros and Cons


  • Accurate Azan timings according to your geographical location

As we all are very busy in our lives, we often do not give great emphasis on our spiritual connection with the god consciously or unconsciously. Especially the Muslims living abroad who do not get to hear azan that often can stray away from the religious path, this application has accurate azan timings in-built according to the geographical location, where the person is situated. This will help Muslims to keep the check on their prayers and make sure they offer them on time.

  • Fast timings

This application also has an amazing feature through which you can track the fast timings every single day of Ramadan, so people do not have to worry about fasting to long or breaking the fast early.

  • Quran on the go

It difficult for many people to read the Quran every day because it cannot be carried everywhere, however, if Quran is on your phone you will read it on your way to work on the train or anywhere. This can bring you closer to the religion and act as a spiritual cleanse.

  • Beautiful Versus of Guidance

Often in the day we get stuck and do not know what to do next, however, reading some words of wisdom can bring peace and motivation to keep going. This application has quite a few beautiful versus that you can preach for guidance every day.


  • Inaccurate azan timings

This application has one flaw that if you phone setting are inaccurate like the timings are not set perfectly than the app may show incorrect azan timings. It is essential to make sure that you have you phone settings right.



  • Precise Azan Timings

This application is most famous amongst the Muslims to guide them with the most accurate azan timings, so that you are reminded to pray in your daily hustle.

  • In-built Quran

This application also has the Quran in it which you can access on the go and read it on your way to work, in your car or waiting at the airport for your flight.

  • Translators

If you do not know Arabic or English then there is nothing to worry about, this application has got you sorted as it translates in to Urdu, Turkish and Indonesia etc.

  • Hijri Calendar

Muslims can also be aware of upcoming sacred days through the Hijri calendar.

  • Video and Audio Prayer Reminder

The application has efficient ways to remind you about the prayer timings like it does not only notify through message but also through azan audio.

  • Beautiful Names of Allah

Beautiful names of Allah can also be accessed through the application which can bring peace to your heart instantly.


New Features

  • Halal Restaurants Locations

The new features have been more interesting and cooler because if you are in a foreign location where finding halal food is quite difficult you can consult this application to find restaurants near you that has quite a few halal options to choose from.

  • Nearby Mosques

This application will guide you to the mosque near you if you are unaware of the directions to the mosque.

  • Qibla Locator

If you are at a place where you have no idea about the Qibla direction and want to offer your prayer you can simply access this application to find out the correct direction and offer your prayer at ease.


How to Install

  • Google play can provide direct aces to the application and you can install it to your android phones directly.
  • Second option is to download it to the link provided, click on the link.
  • Enable unknown file through the phone settings.
  • Wait for it to download and then click on the install button.
  • Create short cut, it ready to use.



Muslim Pro: Azan Quran Qibla Mod Apk

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Q. Can it be downloaded through Google play?

Yes! It can be downloaded through Google play directly.

Q. Is it free of cost?

No! The application is not entirely free of cost, some amount has to paid to access the application fully.

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