MX Player Pro Apk v1.68.4 MOD + Final For Android

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MX Player Pro Apk V1.68.4 MOD + Final For Android
App Name MX Player Pro Apk
Compatible with Android 2.3 +
Latest Version v1.68.4
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Price Free
Size 18.3 MB
MOD Info Patched/AC3/DTS Lite
Category Tools
Update September 26, 2023 (7 months ago)

MX Player Pro Apk:Watching movies is a quite interesting hobby of a large number of people. They aim to watch every new movie released of their choice. Some people like watching movies in their PC while some prefer to watch them on their tablets or smartphones. The android users find it quite convenient watching the movies on their smartphones that is why a lot of movie and media players are launched on Google play store. These apps maybe free or paid depending upon the range of features they are offering to the audience.

There are a lot of media players for the android users while one, which is very much special is known as the MX Player Pro. This one is a paid media player which allows the users to watch movies offline. It has a support to many formats by which users can play videos in different formats at this app. This app costs PKR 610 for just once, and then users will be able to enjoy the movies without seeing ads, or any kind of issue. So let’s see what features this amazing multimedia player is offering in Rs 610 to all of the android users.


MX Player Pro Apk



Advantages and Disadvantages


Hardware Acceleration: It offers the complete hardware acceleration.

Multiple formats:

There are a lot of formats which are supported by this single media player.

Subtitle support:

It also contains the subtitle support so that the people can get subtitles of their own choice.


It also supports the multi-support decoding.


There are a lot of customization options for the people.


Users can change the audio sons whenever they want because this option is also available inside.

No ads:

There are no ads in this version as it is paid.


Paid: The only issue with this media player is, that it is a paid one. It costs about PKR 610 while it also has a free version. The free version contains a lot of ads that is why people have to buy this paid version. Not everyone is able to pay for the apps and games.

MX Player Pro Apk



This video player supports different video formats such MP4, 3GP, FLV,MKV, DVX, AVI, MPEG, WMV, WEBM, MOV and VOB. All the videos available in this format would be played easily on this video player.


There is also the subtitle support available within this app so that you can watch movies and get their subtitles into almost all the languages exiting in the world. You may get the dialogues translated in language you want.

Network streaming

This app allows the users to even play the online videos on it. People can just play the videos saved in their cloud storage such as the Dropbox and Google Drive, or they can simply copy the url of some video on the internet and watch it through this media player.

Playback resume

This video player allows the users to just watch the video from the same scene where you actually skipped and closed the app abruptly. With this feature, whenever the user will come to open the app, the move would resumed from the same scene they left.

Kids lock feature

With this feature, you can lock the movie screen and this your child won’t be able to switch between the apps or close the movie being played. This feature is good for the parents who want their kids to watch a specific movie or cartoon without opening any other app in the target phone or tablet.

Background playback

With this fact, the users will be able to minimizes the app and surf internet or do anything. While they will also be able to watch the movie which would be running in the minimized manner.


There is the choice between different color formats. Users can set the color of their own choice in the player.

Audio settings

The audio settings are also available inside this app so that users can set the desired audio quality to watch their movies.

Multicore decoding

The multicore decoding feature will allow the users to increase the video quality for better streaming experience and in this way, the video quality will increase up to 70%.

Zoom in and out

The zoom in and zoom out features allow the users to zoom the video as per their own convenience.

No ads

This app comes in the paid version in which although you need to pay an amount but in return you will get a lot of features unlocked. One feature is the no ads feature with which users will see no ads while watching the movies and videos.

MX Player Pro Apk

How to install

In order to install this video player, you need to open the Google play store.

Then open the search bar.

Type MX Player Pro Apk.

Click on the app and pay PKR 610 first through credit card.

Now the app will start installing.

Enjoy the unlimited features of this app forever now.

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Q. Can I download this app for free?

No, this app is not free you need to pay PKR 610 once and then you will be able to get all the features.

Q. Is this app for the android users?

Yes, the android users can get this app from the Google play store buy paying an affordable amount.

Q. Does it offer subtitles?

Of course it does. It provides the subtitles of almost all the languages existing in the world.

Q. Is it an offline or online video player?

It is not only offline, but an online multimedia player at which you will be able to watch videos saved in the cloud storage or you can also paste the url of any video from the web and watch it in this video player.

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