Ocean Is Home Mod APK v3.4.2.0 Download All Unlocked

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Ocean Is Home Mod APK V3.4.2.0 Download All Unlocked
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Information of Ocean Is Home Mod APK

App Name Ocean Is Home Mod APK
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v3.4.2.0
Get it On com.birdydogstudio.oceanishome
Price Free
Size 76 MB
MOD Info All Unlocked
Category Adventure
Update October 15, 2022 (2 months ago)

Getting stranded on an island may sound fun to some people and dangerous and lonely to others. Playing desert island in your childhood must have been fun, and it does open the world to a lot of imagination and hypothetical scenarios where you can see the things that are not happening anytime soon, but you can feel what you would want to do in those situations.

This game is one such game about the situation that may be enjoyable if it is taken in a fun way. This game can make it actually interesting to role play the life of a man who finds himself stranded and lost on an island. You just have to survive and make that survival interesting for you and your journey in the game.

Ocean Is Home Mod APK

Download Ocean is Home APK

There is a lot of opportunity to learn about new things in this game, especially what you have to do when you are alone on a desert island. You have to get through many challenges in this game and find yourself stronger than before.

You will not have many basic necessities in the game and you will have to struve for them like look for food, hunt it, build your own shelter to save yourself from the weather conditions, make tools and weapons for your protection. You will find yourself getting hooked to the game and its unique journey.

Download Ocean is Home Mod APK

The story of the game is pretty straightforward as you will find yourself in the role of a man who is on an island alone. You will have to find all the ways to ensure that you edn up surviving. You can go on to explore and discover different things on the island and on your long walks, you can even look and hunt for food.

You will need basic water and food to ensure that you have enough energy to build your shelter and create your tools and weapons and do other things. This game is so far away from the reality of your metropolitan life that it can also be a way to be with nature for you.

Ocean Is Home Mod APK

Features of Ocean is Home Mod APK

Easy controls

You can move your character around however you want without restrictions with the simple controls which are mostly touch controls. You can use the analog for the movements and swipe your screen as well.

Health is realistic

To make the survival game seem even more important and urgent, you will have the realistic health and vital signs of your character. You will be shown the energy levels of your character as well as water and hunger levels and health levels. You have to make sure that your levels are always above zero or your character can even die if they bypass the zero mark.

Map to explore

You will have the open map in the game and a whole island will be at your disposal to explore. The island is beautiful with amazing landscapes and views. Discover different locations in the island that you can go to and build your shelter on. You can even find food along the way.

Realistic weather and day conditions

The game has the most realistic environment as there are different weather conditions to make it even difficult for you to live. The game has hot weather conditions, cold ones and even rainy conditions and you need to have a permanent and strong shelter to save yourself from these. Apart from that, you will also get to experience realistic day and night conditions in the game.

Build what you want

As explained, you have to build shelters in the game. You start off by building a normal shelter so that you are protected from the weather and dangerous animals and as the game progresses, you can even build houses. You can grow your own food and build and expand your farm on fertile land.

Make tools and weapons

You need weapons for your protection and tools for your other creative purposes in the game. The weapons you make will help you fight off the wild animals that may want to make you their prey.

Many vehicles in the game

You might be wondering about the availability of vehicles on this island but this game has many vehicle options from bikes and cars to of course, boats. You can build these vehicles using the crafting features in this game and drive around the island on these vehicles.

Mine different resources

There are different useful resources on this island as it is full of nature. You can make your tools with the stones that are there, and with the wide range of trees on the island you get all the wood that you need.

Ocean Is Home Mod APK


This is a game based on simulation and will make the urgency of the survivability of your character more apparent as you progress. You can learn to be self-sufficient through this game. You are independent on this island and free to do, build and eat whatever you want.



Q. Can I play Ocean is Home Mod APK offline?

Yes, you can play this game without an internet connection.

Q. How are the graphics of Ocean is Home Mod APK?

The graphics of the game are one of the best and realistic for you to enjoy.

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