Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk v13.3.6_third Latest Version

APK Bigs - Mar 24, 2023

Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk V13.3.6_third Latest Version
App Name Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v13.3.6_third
Get it On com.coloros.backuprestore
Price Free
Size 26.56 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Productivity
Update March 24, 2023 (1 year ago)

Oppo clone phone is a convenient app that can securely send all your files to your new phone. It is largely trusted by a lot of people from the world who want to change their phone or devices for some reason. It can allow you to transfer your files in the safest way while never making any changes to them. There is no kind of files that cannot be transferred via this app.

You can easily scan the QR code from the previous mobile and save all your data in the new phone. There is very low internet connectivity required to transfer your files.

Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk

Download oppo clone phone apk

It is one of the most productive and useful apps in this modern world of technology. You can make the best changes in your lives with the help of this app. It can be used to never lose your data no matter how many times you reset or change your phone.

Features of oppo clone phone apk

Full data transfer

You can transfer each and every file of your previous device into a new one. There is no type of file that is not transferred via this app.

Secure transfer every time

You can always transfer your data with the utmost safety measures. It is an encrypted app that protects and values your privacy no matter what. You can keep your files private and save from all viruses and cyber threats.

Easy data transfer

There is a very simple procedure to transfer your files via this app. You just need to scan a QR code from your old mobile with the new mobile and transfer your files within a blink. It is the most safest way to do the files transferring.

Low internet connectivity required for transfer

This app can work very finely with low internet connectivity. It requires a simple and low usage of the internet from both old and new phones. There is no speedy internet required to transfer your files in this app.

 No extra devices required

You do not need to connect your phone to other devices like laptops or PCs to transfer your files. It can easily transfer from phone to phone.

No sim card requirement

You can make your data from old to new phone without needing a sim card. It can transfer your files without any sim card requirements only through the internet connection.

Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk

Why is the Oppo clone phone premium apk so special?

This app has made a revolution in the modern world with its most stunning and seaming data transfer abilities. You can own a new phone any time without worrying about misplacing your data and files.

Download Oppo clone phone latest premium version 2023

The latest version comes with enhanced security to make sure the transfer is protected every time. There are so many improved and fixed bugs to make your pictures, videos and others perfectly secure.

Features of oppo clone phone premium apk

More and improved security

The premium version offers you the most advanced security features without leaking your private data to any other part. Its features are end to end encrypted making it a complete safe to use app.

Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk

More storage

You can transfer more files at one time with this premium app. Its ability and capacity  of transferring files is enhanced very much in this version. It makes sure to transfer most of the files in one go.

Easy working

There is a very simple procedure to transfer your files. The simple QR scanning and home page icons makes it a very user friendly app.

All files transferred

With this newer version you can transfer any kind of video, audio or document file in an instant. There is no limit onthe type of files to transfer in this app.

Why download Oppo clone phone premium apk?

To make sure a safe transfer of your files and make a perfect clone of it in your new device you can download this app. It makes the exact duplicates to your newer phone.

Final Verdict

This app has made the most revolutionary technology by allowing you to clone the perfect fit of your old phones into a new one. There is no type of file that cannot be cloned with this app. All you need is a simple internet connection and a QR code for transferring all your files in a single shot to your new phone.

Oppo Clone Phone Premium Apk


Q. What to do if my QR code is not scanned in oppo clone phone premium apk?

If the QR code is not scanned automatically you can use the phone’s hotspot to manually enter data for transferring.

Q. Does oppo clone phone premium apk transfer my search history to the new phone?

Yes this app can also share your mobile search and call history to your new phone.

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