PC COVID Apk 4.3.0 Latest Version 2024

APK Bigs - Sep 05, 2023

PC COVID Apk 4.3.0 Latest Version 2024
App Name PC COVID Apk
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v4.3.0
Get it On com.mic.bluezone
Price Free
Size 38 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Health
Update September 05, 2023 (11 months ago)

Have you ever wondered how countries are using technology to fight COVID-19? Well, Vietnam has something special called PC COVID APK. This little app helps keep people safe from the virus. Sounds interesting right? We have written this article so you can have all the information you need about this app. In this way you will learn everything about it and its benefits.



Imagine having a tiny helper right in your phone that tells you about the virus. PC COVID APK is like that. It's a clever app made by Vietnam to give people updates about COVID-19. You can think of it as a super smart friend who keeps you informed and protected. In such hard times you can use this app to get the updates, learn more about important things so you can protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID.

Best Features of PC COVID APK

Stay Up-to-Date

With this app, you'll always know what's happening with the virus in Vietnam. You'll get the latest news and numbers on cases, recoveries, and more.

Find Testing Centers

If you're not feeling well, the app can show you where to get tested for the virus. It's like having a map to health!

Safety Rules

PC COVID APK teaches you how to stay safe. It shows you how to wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance to stop the virus from spreading.

Meet the Chatbot

There's a special robot inside the app that can answer your questions about COVID-19. It's like having a wise robot friend to talk to!

Connect with Hotlines

If you need help, the app can connect you to hotlines where real people can assist you. It's like having a lifeline in your pocket!

Emergency Alerts

The app sends you urgent alerts about COVID-19 updates and important government announcements, ensuring you're always in the loop.

QR Code Scanner

PC COVID APK features a QR code scanner that lets you quickly check in at public places, helping with contact tracing efforts.

Localized Information

It provides information based on your location, so you get details about COVID-19 measures and resources specific to your area.

Safe Travel Tips

Planning a trip? The app offers travel advice and safety tips, helping you make informed decisions while on the move.

Interactive Maps

Explore interactive maps showing areas with higher COVID-19 cases, helping you avoid potential hotspots.

Language Support

The app is available in multiple languages, ensuring that a diverse range of users can access crucial information.

Symptom Tracker

You can log your symptoms daily, and the app will provide guidance on what to do next if you're feeling unwell.

Resources for Families

PC COVID APK offers resources for parents, caregivers, and families to navigate the challenges of the pandemic together.

Social Sharing

Spread awareness by sharing helpful information from the app directly on your social media platforms.

Offline Guidelines

Even without an internet connection, you can access essential guidelines and tips to stay safe from the virus.


New Features

Vaccination Pass

The app now helps you show that you got vaccinated. It's like a digital sticker that tells others you're protected.

Check Your Health

If you're staying home, the app lets you check in. It's a way to tell doctors how you're feeling without leaving your house.

Smart Chatbot

The robot in the app got smarter! It can answer even more questions and help you find what you need faster.

Talk to Others

You can join chats and talk to people who want to learn about the virus. It's like a group of friends who care about each other's health.

Offline Help

Even if your internet is slow or doesn't work, the app can still help you. It's like a little health booklet on your phone.


Why is PC COVID APK a Good App?

This app is full of information that can save lives. It tells you how to stay safe, find help, and be a good citizen during this tough time. It's like having a wise mentor who guides you through the challenges of the pandemic.

Download PC COVID APK Latest Version 2023

If you want to get this app, just go to the app store on your Android phone. Search for "PC COVID" and click on the app with the right name. Make sure you choose the one that's made by the government of Vietnam. That's the one you can trust!


Final Verdict

In a world where COVID-19 changed our lives, PC COVID APK shines as a beacon of hope. It's like a friendly guide that helps us navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic. With its smart features and easy-to-understand help, this app stands as a testament to Vietnam's commitment to public safety. Whether you're a local or a visitor, PC COVID APK is your trusty companion on the journey to beat the virus. It's time to download this app for good. We have the most safest and most authentic download link on our website. Click on it now to get your hands on this app!


Q. Do I have to use PC COVID APK if I live in Vietnam?

While it's not a must, using the app helps you and others stay safe. It's like a team effort to beat the virus!

Q. Can I use PC COVID APK if I'm not Vietnamese?

Absolutely! The app is for everyone in Vietnam, including visitors. It's like a friendly guide that speaks many languages.

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