Pokémon Masters APK v2.27.0 Download Android

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Pokémon Masters APK V2.27.0 Download Android
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Information of Pokémon Masters

App Name Pokémon Masters
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v2.27.0
Get it On com.dena.a12026418
Price Free
Size 86MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Simulation
Update December 01, 2022 (4 days ago)

Pokémon Masters Apk is a role playing game available for android users by DeNA Co. Ltd. This game allows users to catch their favorite Pokémon's and then play with them. This game lets the users to join their forces with the other trainers so that they can participate in a 3 heads on 3, battle. The story line of the game starts in the vicinity of Passio Island. There are trainers from all around the world visiting this Island.

The users can interact with the latest characters of the game and can also interact with the previous Pokémon Masters. The players have to find other trainers and have to form friendship bonds with them and then everything is cool as now they can team up to fight against other teams containing 3 players each. The battles included in the game are real time making attacking and defending fun as well as competitive.

There are unlimited and exciting battles as well as legendary Pokémon's that the users have to find so that they can build a stronger force compared to their opponents from all around the world.


Battle the Champions

This amazing Pokémon Masters Apk has brought with it the new arena which holds the new Champion Stadium with amazing graphics, sounds and high details. Not only this but it also lets the players to battle against the Elite Four and regional champions so that the rookie players can also rise up high to the top in synchronized pairs and can win up a spot once in while in the Hall of Fame. The players can unlock the legendary Pokémon's and use them to battle against the top players so that the power is always their own.

Hatch Eggs and Make Friends

Hatching an egg means getting the chicken but for Pokémon Masters Apk, it means to get a new Pokémon. There are unlimited Pokémon's present in the game for the players to search and catch them as well as there are eggs to collect and hatch to get the legendary unique Pokémon's as well as the random Pokémon's with different qualities. Users can add these hatched Pokémon's to their team and win up their name in the battlefield.


Best Team Build Up

In order to build up the best team, strategy is required. In Pokémon Masters Apk the gamers are given this opportunity to build up their own team by adding up trainers. The battles consists of two teams, each having 3 players so the users can make friends from the millions of players playing from all around the globe and can easily build up their team to aim for victory and get the position in Hall of Fame, every once in a while.

Future and Past Together

All the trainers whether from past, present or future are included, in this amazing adventurous game Pokémon Masters Apk. There are Champions from the past, the Elite Four Members, the Gym Leaders and more trainers from the past to give tips and to battle against the recent players. The players can easily pair up with one of the champions of the past and learn few techniques from them in the battlefield and can also go on different adventures with them to catch unique and amazing Pokémon's.


Original Stories and Adventure

This amazing Pokémon Masters Apk comes with an adventurous experience for its gamers to provide them with an original story that crosses many generations. This story line starts from the Passio Island where all the trainers from past, present and future are gathered. The battle system introduced in this game is almost as same as the original battles system. The battles are real time and the gamers can take help from different objects to win the battles with minimum damage to their teams.

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Q. Who is the current Pokémon Master in Pokémon Masters Apk?

There are many Pokémon masters in the game but currently the top Pokémon master is As Ketchum with above 1000 Pokémon's and Pikachu as his partner.

Q. Who is the current strongest Pokémon that Ash has in Pokémon Masters Apk?

Ash Ketchum have above 1000 Pokémon's and each one of them has their own abilities. Pikachu is the exception as that Pokémon is his partner and Charizard is the top strongest Pokémon that Ash Ketchum has.

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