Project Offroad Mod Apk v198 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Nov 06, 2023

Project Offroad Mod Apk V198 Unlimited Money
App Name Project Offroad Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v198
Get it On com.bycodec.offroad
Price Free
Size 83.24 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Category Racing
Update November 06, 2023 (9 months ago)

Racing games are fun on the tracks and pretty easy and straightforward because you just have to speed on a straight road. People who love racing like to be challenged even more to get a thrilling experience.

This game provides all the fun of a racing game with many interesting challenges that you overcome, and you have to avoid all the obstacles that get in your way. This is not just a driving game, but it provides the simulation of the realistic experience that a driver requires. This will provide you all the elements of a unique driving experience in distinct environments and locations that will surely keep you hooked.

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The game gives the opportunity for the players to choose from different options in vehicles. All these vehicles are unique and awesome. By completing all the missions in the game, you will surely get a lot of rewards. You can use these rewards to unlock and upgrade the vehicles that you have.

This game surely challenges the driver to put their best driving skills to test. It will also gauge the player’s ability to deal with different challenges and obstacles that get in their way. It also has a lot of different levels that you can progress through. As the levels keep changing, the difficulty level will also rise to keep you addicted and competitive.

Download Project Offroad Mod APK

As the game does not have a straight and defined track, it comes with a map that you can use to navigate through different locations. The terrain is tough and is surely not the best to race and drive on, but the main interesting point of the game is to get you out of your comfort zones and put you in difficult situations.

The modified version of the game makes it easy for the players to unlock various features of the game like unlocking different cars because it provides you with unlimited money. The money can also be used to upgrade your vehicles.

Project Offroad Mod APK

Features of Project Offroad Mod APK

Change camera angles

The game comes with the different camera angles that you can switch between according to your preference. The zoomed out, third person view will help you look at your surroundings and plan your driving accordingly. While the cockpit view of the camera lets you enjoy the interior of the car and make the driving experience more realistic.

Accessible controls

You don’t have to worry about handling the car because the controls of the game are pretty easy and you can change them for your ease. You can select the tilt option in the game to steer the vehicle in any direction that you want, and you will have the pedals displayed on your screen to accelerate the car or hit the brakes.

Map to navigate

The game gives you the map that you can use to move through different locations without getting lost. You can discover new locations with the map. The off roading experience is not difficult because your route is clearly defined and you have to follow that path to complete your challenges.

Arcade mode

This mode has over hundreds of different challenges that you have to complete. All the challenges are demanding and thrilling. You can go on the journey and complete the missions to earn the rewards.

Select your tracks

Just because it is an offroading game does not mean that you don’t have a choice when it comes to the tracks that you are supposed to drive on. The game gives you different options in the tracks and you can select the ones that you prefer, you even get to customise the tracks in the track mode of the game.

Project Offroad Mod APK

Many challenges

The game is not just about racing but has a lot of missions to keep you interested. The missions include rescuing people from the mountains and you have to reach them through difficult conditions and bring them back to safety. You are even tasked with carrying and transporting wood in your car.

Numerous vehicles

There are so many unique vehicles with different characteristics that help you through the difficult terrains in the game. You have the options of trucks and trailers that you use for the specific missions as they are safe to drive on certain paths that no other car can go through.

Upgrade your vehicles

As there are so many vehicles, you get to upgrade them also. You are able to change the engines of the cars and get better wheels so it is easier to drive on the tracks. You can change the colours of the cars with the paint feature and get new lights installed.


The game is pretty basic but is not boring at all for the players. Instead of just mindless racing, it brings the most difficult missions and challenges. The graphics of the game are amazing with various vehicles and interesting locations.

Project Offroad Mod APK



Q. Can I play Project Offroad Mod APK without the internet?

Yes, the game is available to play in the offline mode.

Q. Will I get unlimited features in the modified version of Project Offroad Mod APK?

Yes, you can get the option of unlimited money with the modified version that you are able to use to unlock and upgrade your vehicles.

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