QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK v4.8.11 No Ads

APK Bigs - Apr 11, 2023

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK V4.8.11 No Ads
App Name QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v4.8.11
Get it On simplehat.clicker
Price Free
Size 10.1 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Tools
Update April 11, 2023 (1 year ago)

The internet is full of different kinds of games available and people with different interests in the game can play their own choices. If you are interested in a game that requires unlimited tapping and you find sometimes that it is numbing your fingers because of constant tapping, then you should not worry about it anymore as QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK is there for you to rescue you in this situation.

This application is made for people who are interested in clicking games where you have to constantly tap, this application will help you do it without you tapping on the screen. This application will tap on behalf of you and you can just get points by that. 

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK

There are multiple ways available for downloading the standard version of QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK. If you are interested you can easily install it from the Google Play Store and start getting rid of all the constant tapping that you have to do in different games. It has multiple functions you can buy and use for a long term because it will give you extraordinary properties.

Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Apk

Features of QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK

Compatible with Lots of Games

This application is not for just a single gaming application you can easily use this app for multiple games it will do its work on most of the tapping games.

Easy to Use Features

The application is too easy to use as its features are made for everyone and you will not find any kind of uncomfortability while using this application even for the first time.

Easy Swiping Options

Now a new feature is introduced that can help you in swiping different things on the screen. It will be a part of multiple games So the developers have introduced this new feature too.

Adjust the Speed of Tapping

Not every game has a similar tapping speed so if you are playing differently they can easily adjust the tapping speed. If you have different speeds of tapping you can easily adjust it.

No Need to Do Settings Every Time

Once you do the settings there is no need to go for settings every time you open the game if you save the settings it will be enough to use the next time.

Contains InApp Purchases

Application has some very amazing features that require in-app purchasing because without purchasing these functions it will not work. if you go for these functions it will elevate the experience and give you a better opportunity.

Why is QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro so Special?

The pro version of each and every game or other application is every time very successful to be a part of. If you also want to know the QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro APK application you will find it very interesting because it has some amazing features to provide you. The special thing about this application is to get in app purchasing features free of cost.

Download QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro Latest Version 2023

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro latest version 2023 is a recently launched and updated version so if you install it, it will give you unlimited benefits.

Features of QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro APK

No Ads

Another thing that is the most important part of the original version is the ads that appear and every time it appears it appears for 10 to 12 seconds which is too much when you are playing again so the provision has been eliminated for the better experience.

No Purchasing Required

The purchasing that was required in the other versions of it now is not part of the application as it is the most in the world features but requires money so people hesitated using them but now they are free.

Free to Install

Installation fees are zero which means it is free to install in free to use each and every feature.

Why Download QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro APK?

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker Pro APK is the version that you should have on your device. If you are interested in using all the pro features without any charges it also asks you to watch no ad. So there will be no interruption between the game and you will find it very easy to use so it will be better to install this application.

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker MOD APK

Final Verdict

QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK is an awesome app that is made for people who find it difficult to tap on the screen multiple times so you can easily adjust the speed of tapping and this application helps you in doing the task without any effort. You can use this application on multiple games and get the benefits.


Q. What is the size of the QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK app?

The size of the QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK app is just 9.16 MB.

Q. Can we use the QuickTouch Automatic Clicker APK app on different apps?

Yes you can use this application for multiple games to click automatically.

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