RAM Booster Apk v10.0.3 Download 2024

APK Bigs - Sep 14, 2023

RAM Booster Apk V10.0.3 Download 2024
App Name RAM Booster Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v10.0.3
Get it On com.glgjing.captain
Price Free
Size 10 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Tools
Update September 14, 2023 (10 months ago)

Many times you go through the situation where your phone stops working properly and lags after every while and you do not have any solution for this. In this situation you have to use the RAM Booster APK so that your phone starts working amazingly because of its features.

This application works incredibly, the way it cleans up all the junk files is one thing but if you do not want to clean junk and cache some applications or files you can easily whitelist the applications and the junk will not be cleared until you blacklist it. So if you are eager to know what this application is all about and how it works, it will be convenient for you if you read this write up.

RAM Booster APK

RAM Booster APK

RAM Booster APK is one more amazing application that you should have on your device as the developers have made this application in such a way that it will not cause any kind of destruction to your phone rather it shows you all kinds of lagging that you were facing and what was the reason behind it. It can also find solutions for the things that are making your phone work slow. It has many kinds of options, for the best one if you go for, you should consider the advanced features.

RAM Booster APK

Features of RAM Booster APK

Clear up Junk Files

Clearing a junk file was never this easy before this application was installed in your phone and you will see the difference after installing this application. It will work very amazingly and provide you with the results in no time.

Easy to Use

People are attracted to the applications that are easy to use and if you are also wanting to use the application that has no complex options and operations and you should go for this application to make your phone be stable.

Boosting Up your Device's RAM

Boosting up your devices is one of the features that this application does amazingly. There will be nothing that would harm your device, instead it will make your phone work very fast without any hidden charges.

Different Levels

The level of boosting up your phone is a difference you can set easily by going in through the options it has super extreme level for the phones that require high level boosting and extreme strong and normal are the levels that you can easily adjust if you want.

List the Apps that Need Boost

There is an option of making a list of the applications that require the boosting up as you think and there will be some options available that you can easily white list the application that do not require any kind of boosting up for you can easily save them from getting boosted up or clear the junk. 

Why is RAM Booster Pro so Special?

One more version of RAM Booster Pro APK is known as a special version that developers have made to ease the difficulty that used to be a part of the prior versions. You can easily use the version that has nothing dissimilar from the first version. The only dissimilarity between this version and the previous one is the way of payment; it required no money and the first version required money for the advanced features.

RAM Booster APK

Download RAM Booster Pro Latest Version 2023

RAM Booster Pro APK has a most recently updated version 2023 for people who want to get the most updated version install this one and use it forever. 

Features of RAM Booster Pro APK

No Ads

If you find this application that is known as a pro version you will always find something very unique in this application. One of the most famous parts of this application is known as appearances.

Free Features

Most of the people using the first version wanted to use the premium features but usually caused some money to use some in order to measure people use all these features the developers have made them free.

Marvelous Working

The working of this application is also enhanced with this version so if you go for it it will be one wonderful decision.

Why Download RAM Booster Pro APK?

RAM Booster Pro APK is the version that has more popularity because of its features. It has some unusual advantages that people love to try out. It has nothing to show related to ads at all which is one of the best parts. Lastly, it has some remarkable features that require no money which people find very interesting. So, if you also find these features interesting you should go for this version.

RAM Booster APK

Final Verdict

It would be a great opportunity to install this truly wonderful and useful app for making your devices work finely. There will be nothing to regret about after installing this cool junk removal app so install now and get started.


Q. What is the size of the RAM Booster APK app?

The size of the RAM Booster APK app is just 10 MB.

Q. Will the RAM Booster APK app also ask to install mini apps?

No, it is not like those apps that ask you for such favors.

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