Send Files to TV APK v1.3.4 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Jun 12, 2023

Send Files To TV APK V1.3.4 Unlimited Money
App Name Send Files to TV APK
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v1.3.4
Get it On com.yablio.sendfilestotv&hl=en&gl=US
Price Free
Size 15MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Tools
Update June 12, 2023 (1 year ago)

 If you are one of those people who like to watch things on big screens like TV and do not want to watch movies and TV shows on small screens like tabs and phones, then you can now easily connect any show, movie or any other file with your TV with the help of this app named Send Files to TV APK.

This app 100% works and many people are using it for watching shows and other stuff. There is a connection between both the apps that is wireless which means you just have to install the app on both the devices and start watching your shows on TV. The simple to use app is very easily accessible for everyone.

Send Files to TV APK

There are several versions of this app; the first version that was launched by the developers is easily available on Google Play Store. You just have to download it and just connect your media with the TV. There are many features, some easily available for everyone which are built in one but premium features can only be available to use if you go for a premium plan.

Send Files To TV APK

Features of Send Files to TV APK

Easy accessibility

Send files to TV APK is one of the very convenient apps that you can use because it is easily accessible. You can download it from Google Play Store and start using it.

Connect your files with TV

With the help of this app you can connect your device with TV so that you can watch anything on TV that is available on your device which is the prominent feature of this app.

Fast Speed

The process of transferring data from your device to TV is very quick. It is not like bluetooth or any other device that takes a little longer to do the task as the fastest speed always attracts users.

Select Transfer Process

There are different processes that you can choose from to transfer the data from your device to TV there are many options that you can allow and then use the process.

Access Any Files

The file could be anything that you want to transfer from your device to TV because the media that is available on your phone or the transferring device is easily accessible to the TV. All this process can occur only if the TV also contains the same app.

Simple to Use

The app is very simple to use as there are no difficult options. You just need to take a little time to process all of it and once you are done sharing data you will know longer hesitate.

Send Files To TV APK

Why is the Send Files to TV APK Pro so Special?

The pro version is the version that contains a lot of things in one app. You can get enough possible advantages from the app that you can because it is free to use. There is no such thing as payment for the premium features so you can avail all of them easily without cost.

Download Send Files to TV Pro Latest Version 2023

The best part of this version is that you get the amazing latest version free. This version is updated in 2023 that is why it is more full of advantages.

Features of Send Files to TV Pro APK

Ads Free

You won't feel distracted by ads anymore because the developers have made the app in a different way that the app does not make ads appear on the screen anymore.

Free Download

There is no fee for downloading this amazing pro version of Send Files to TV. You get amazing opportunity to use every single Pro feature by downloading this app free of cost.

 Premium Features Charges

There are premium features in this version that you do not have to pay for. In the earlier versions there is nothing like this feature and you have to pay for every single premium feature.

No Hidden Charges

The app is fool proof and you do not have to pay for any kind of features. There is no chance of getting hidden charges notifications at all.

Why Download Send Files to TV Pro APK?

Get the best of all versions on your device without any difficulty as the app is very easily accessible and does not cost you anything. You need to get the app from the website. The process is easy and contains no ads policy which is also a positive point.

Send Files To TV APK

Final Verdict

Send Files to TV APK app is a useful app that is free yet very effective. There are options according to your facility. You just have to connect the app to your tv wirelessly and the data can be shared to the tv easily. 


Q. What is the size of the Send Files to TV APK app?

The size of the Send Files to TV APK app is 4 MB.

Q. Is there any chance of virus invasion on the device after downloading the Send Files to TV APK app?

No, you do not have to stress about this thing because the app does not contain anything harmful.

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