Temp Mail Mod Apk v3.38 Download Premium Account

APK Bigs - Nov 06, 2023

Temp Mail Mod Apk V3.38 Download Premium Account
App Name Temp Mail Mod Apk
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Latest Version v3.38
Get it On com.tempmail
Price Free
Size 22 MB
MOD Info No Ads
Category Communication
Update November 06, 2023 (8 months ago)

Every job nowadays requires the employees to make use of their email accounts. There are people whose jobs are entirely based on emails received and sent. They make use of email accounts really frequently. This causes their email id to go everywhere leading to receiving several spam mails or the mails that are not important to them.

This might lead to filling their inbox or causing them to not notice the important mails leading to delay in work and creating problems. Therefore if you also have a frequent use of email and are annoyed by spam mails then this app should be the best solution for you.

Temp Mail Mod Apk

Download temp mail apk

This app would allow you to create temporary email accounts with minimal information therefore then you would not have to deal with unwanted emails. Other than this if you have a job that requires you to send email from different email addresses then creating them would be alot time wasting for you. This app would also help you to reduce that time as creating temporary emails also requires no verification which would reduce your workload as well. It would basically hid your email address from the contacts you don't want to show them to avoiding the cause of spam mails

If you think this app is useful for you according to the type of job you have then you can easily download it through the apple store or play store.

Download temp mail mod apk

This app also allows you to make use of some advanced features for a much more pro use of the app however you will have to pay for them first before gaining access to them. These features include removing advertisements as they might cause interruption in the middle of your work. You can also set any name you like in the chat mailbox for the other person to see if you want to hide your identity.Apart from this you can also make use of several email addresses at the same time to reduce time wastage and work more efficiently. All the above mentioned features can be bought or you can just get the premium version of the app to access all the features at once and unlock the entire app.

If your salary does not allow you to spend your money on apps then you can download the mod apk version of the app and unlock the entire app for absolutely free without paying a single penny for it.

Temp Mail Mod Apk

Features of temp mail mod apk

One hour mailbox

This app also allows you to make use of a one hour mailbox through which you can send emails for exactly one hour after which the mailbox would automatically vanish.

Choose different names in the mod apk version

This version of the app allows you to change your name to a different unique one according to your desire so that the other person does not find out your real identity.

Automatic filling

To save your time this app will automatically fill your information where it is needed to be filled. This would save you time and frustration as well.

Temporary accounts

You can create temporary accounts through this app with no verification and less information to lessen the time of your work.

Multiple accounts in the mod apk version

This version of the app allows you to control and make use of several email accounts at the same time according to your work.

Temp Mail Mod Apk

Avoid unwanted spams

You can hide your email address from unwanted contacts in order to avoid unwanted spam mails so that your inbox does not fill up and you never miss out on important mail.

Keep your information hidden

This app also allows you to hide your personal information from other account holders .

Easy to use

This app is easy and simple to use therefore people of all age groups can make use of it. Apart from this it does not require you to make use of any complex tools.

Temp Mail Mod Apk


This app is perfect for people who have to majorly work on email accounts. It would benefit you in several ways. You can save your time by using the automatically form filling option. You can also change your name through this app in order to send email to several people. Save your time by getting rid of unwanted spams and work with a greater potential. Tell more people about this app to help them gain benefit from it as well.


Q. What is the email storage capacity in temp mail mod apk?

This app has a very large email storage capacity in the mod apk version however in the aok version storage is limited.

Q. Are advertisements eliminated completely in temp mail mod apk?

Yes, advertisements are eliminated completely through this version of the app.

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