The Walking Dead Michonne Mod Apk + ALL Episodes Unlocked + Free Download

The Walking Dead Michonne Mod Apk
App NameThe Walking Dead Michonne Apk
Compatible with2.3.3 and up
Latest versionv1.13
DeveloperHowyaknow, LLC
Google play linkcom.telltalegames.walkingdeadm100
Size19.2 MB

The Walking Dead Michonne Mod Apk:is a complete adventure game that includes a great story of the missing portions of a comic book. This game is brought to the gaming market by the Telltale Games for the users of android platforms to play this easily on their phone. To complete this game the player has to uncover all the secrets and mysteries they face as they proceed in the game.

The Walking Dead Michonne Mod Apk:version of the game can be played online or offline after completely being downloaded. Michonne is the main character on which this role playing game focuses. The two chapters of the comic issues numbering 126 and 139 are unavailable from the real books and require completion through this application.

A two percent off discount is available for the bundle of 2-3 episodes of this game if purchased additionally in the in app Episodes column. The story revolves around the missing pieces of Michonnes life that the player has to find.

There are most archetypal and blade wielding characters from the comic books and a story where Michonne is feeling regret, sorrow and loss as she explore the world she is now in away from her close and trusted friends Rick and Ezekiel as well as the others.

The player has to learn why Michonne left this town and why she is now back and what is the main reason behind the emotions she is feeling. Play all the missions of the miniseries of this game and comic.

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