This War Of Mine Apk v1.5.7 Mod (Unlocked) + Data for Android

This War Of Mine Apk
App NameThis War Of Mine Apk
Compatible withAndroid 4.0
Latest versionv1.5.7
Developer11 bit studios
Google play linkcom.elevenbitstudios.twommobile
Size20.4 MB

This War Of Mine Apk:Us humans are born with an in-built need go survive, to stay alive, which is why, it is no wonder that survival games get us hooked almost immediately. But soon these games turn boring and you feel like switching to the next one since all of them are pretty much the same; killing your enemies and protecting yourself.

But there’s a game, ‘This War Of Mine Apk’ which is quite different from the rest. It gives you an entirely new viewpoint, where you play not as. Soldier, but as normal citizens who try to survive during wartime. The game is developed by 11 bit studios. Your main aim is to keep your team safe, and help them survive.

You collect various resources such as weapons, alcohol, beds etc (anything that helps your survive) It’s survival of the fittest. The game is inspired by real life events and that makes it much more interesting. Another factor that sets it apart from those mainstream games is how everything you start a new game, you get randomly selected new characters and scenarios.

Download this game and live your life to the fullest. Now let’s have a look at this game.

Pros and Cons:


Free of cost:

This file is completely free of costs and has no hidden purchases.

Perfect game for teenagers and adults:

This game is perfect for all the teenagers and adults out there. It gives them a perfect thrill in their life.

Bug fixes:

All technical and bug fixes have been solved for users.


Sad for some people:

This game may be sad for sensitive people since it gives people a real life experience.

Huge file size:

This game has a huge file size which can be stuck some users phone.


Supports several languages:

This game supports several languages which makes it easier for people all over the world to enjoy this wonderful thrilling game.

Real life experience:

This game gives the users a real life experience. Since it is a group of civilians who are going through war, rather than soldiers.

Randomised world:

This game has different locations where people are going through war.

Different gadgets:

This game has a huge number of weapons, alcohol, beds, stoves and all the stuff that helps people survive during war.

Day and night cycle:

This game is based on a day to night cycle. It is difficult for survivors to survive during the day since they can be killed by the snipers and it’s hard for them to find food during the day. At night survivors go out and locate for items that help them survive and stay alive.

Based on your conscience:

This game is all based on your conscience. The user has to make life death decisions immediately that at based on their conscience.

Everyone has their own ability:

Every player in this game has its own abilities, strengths, weaknesses.

Number of people who can play:

You can now play alone or with a group of 2-4 people.

Simple graphics:

This game has simple and very clear graphics. Which makes it very realistic and easy for the player to play the game.

Sound effects:

This game has simple violin music which gives the game a sad atmosphere and and better understanding of the game.

Main characters:

This game has 12 main characters and other important characters as well.

Inspired by real life events:

This game is inspired by real life events which makes the user feel like they are actually going through war like people used to go through them in real life.

Mod features:

Bug fixes solved:

All the technical issues this game was facing have been solved in this apk version.


All the stuff that is needed for one’s survival during war have been unlocked in this apk version. You can everything for free in this version.


People face food shortage during war. All the food needed for war has been unlocked in this version.


There is a new fierce and more exciting battle field in this apk version.

How to install?

  • Downloading this game is extremely easy. All you have to do is open the game link on the internet.
  • Now go to the security settings of your phone and enable unknown sources.
  • Next, go to the link and start downloading.
  • Now you have to wait till the download is completed, and go to the file manager.
  • Open the android folder and find this war of mine apk file.
  • Now Open this file and click on the install button.
  • You’ll see the game icon in your phone screen once the game is installed.
  • Open this game and enjoy for free!


Is downloading this game safe?

Yes. Downloading this game is completely safe. There are no viruses that will enter your phone. Your phone will be 100% protected.

Is the file size huge?

Yes. This games file size is huge which may be a problem for some users since it can hang the users phone.

Can this game depress some users?

Yes. It may be depressing for sensitive people since it is based on real life war events.

Is this game suitable for kids to play?

It is not suggested that kids play this game since It is based on war. It includes killing civilians and much more which may be traumatising for some users.

This War Of Mine Apk Free
  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy

Final verdict

This game is amazing for people who like games that include real life events. It is based on real life events and is a perfect representation of how civilians suffer during war. You can now play this game alone or with 2-4 people according to your wish. Moreover, this game has amazing graphics which gives the user a realistic feel. This game has about 500k-3M downloads which means a lot of people love it. If you feel like playing a game like you’re actually going through the situation then this is the perfect solution for you. Download this game and have an amazing thrilling experience!

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