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Thoptv for PC : The world is growing rapidly in terms of technology and inventions. Every day adds another innovation to the already existing list of technological developments. For the very first time, the entire globe has encountered quarantine routine which restricted masses to their homes and settlements. Social media entertainment played a major role in busying and entertaining the people all over the world. When the freedom of going out and hanging out with friends became limited, people sought time pass through the use of social media. Movies, TV shows, series, dramas, sports, documentaries have been a part of our electronic media since decades. And why not! They never failed to entertain their audiences.

What is Thoptv?

Thoptv is a Chinese based application which provides its users with unlimited shows, TV serials, movies, sports and much more. This application is quite similar to many other social media sites where a huge number of entertainment programs are being offered to the viewers. Thoptv is very popular among those sites because of the provision of its remarkable features and never ending exciting shows. A number of users from all over the world are using this application. Thoptv app is not built by any specific development company rather we can say it is a third part development but is secure and enjoyable.

Features of Thoptv:

Thoptv app offers a number of features to its audience which have made it popular despite of existence of many other entertainment apps. Here are the few features which briefly describe the Thoptv app;

Unlimited popular Movies and Series:

Movies and Series

Thoptv for pc offers its audience unlimited number of popular movies and TV series along with documentaries and shows. It has access to 3000+ TV channels all over the world. The entertainment programs offered on Thoptv do not belong to a single genre rather they revolve and comprise distinct genres including comedy, romantic, horror, thriller, action, science fiction, reality TV shows and talk shows. Some of these programs might not be available on other sites but Thoptv has made it easier for the viewers to search and view their favorite shows and programs. Distinct categories have been made including the programs of the respective category for its particularly interested viewers. Moreover, one can also search his/her favorite show by writing its name in the search bar.

Download videos:


Thoptv app also enables its users to download the program they want while they have access to the internet. This feature is beneficial for the users who often lose their connection. Therefore, they can watch the downloaded videos later on when they have no access to online internet connection. Another significant feature is that Thoptv does not restrict the download option for WI-FI only rather the user having Mobile Data can also download the videos and watch them later.



The feature of subtitle has made life much easier as it provides the subtitled captions for each dialogue at the bottom of the screen. The users who are foreign or non-native to the language being used by the actors in the programe can enable the option of subtitle and choose their known language. This feature also helps increase the rating of a certain program because the users would no longer leave the how because of language issues.

Free Subscription:


Thoptv app demands no paid subscriptions from its users like other websites. Usually all the other websites demand paid subscriptions on weekly or monthly basis but Thoptv for windows demands no such subscription. It allows its users to have direct access to the entertainment zone available on this website. The users also do not need any login email or password or account for accessing the programs or the shows. Therefore, the free subscription feature eases the users.

Genres of entertainment on Thoptv:


Thoptv not only offers unlimited shows but also unlimited and diverse genres to its viewers. It offers variety of programs including comedy, cartoons, TV series, games, music, TV shows, movies and documentaries. The videos are not only related to a single genre but of diverse genres. Business, lifestyle, spirituality, social life and entertainment are the major concerns of the videos being offered by this app.

Chat Option:


Thoptv app also offers the option of chat for its users where users can have live chat with other users of the application. In case the user does not want to enable or use the chat option, he can disable the option of chat from the Thoptv settings and can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

No login required:

No login

As it is mentioned above, Thoptv app does not require its users to subscribe on either weekly or monthly basis rather it offers free of cost usage of the application worldwide. It is also important to note that the user does not need any specific account with password to access this app. He can directly install and login the account on whatever device they want.

Access to radio channels:


Thoptv has access to 5000 radio channels all across the world. The old school users are more interested in using radio channels than the TV shows and movies. They can have access to the mode of entertainment they want. Some youngsters are also inclined towards radio based entertainment and they can enjoy both sorts of entertainment.

Information of videos:

videos information

Thoptv ios offers the information of videos before the full video. The user can have a preview of a certain program that he is going to watch. The preview of any video provides a background and the storyline which user can identify and relate to his choice. Moreover, Thoptv app also provides notification when a new video is about to be released or is released. The notification makes it convenient for the user to play it directly.

Eligible devices:

Eligible devices

Thoptv app is not restricted or limited to a single device. It occupies a very low space and does not interrupt the running of other programs, therefore, it can be installed in any device which could be android, iOS and pc. The criteria for downloading it in every is different though.

Download Thoptv app for android:

Download thoptv for pc

For downloading the app in android device, the process is very easy to be done. The user needs to make sure that his/her android device has been enabled to download from unknown sources. However, the user can simply to the phone’s settings and enable the option of download from “unknown sources”. As this application is not available on the play store and is developed by the third party, one will not find it on playstore. Rather, it needs to be downloaded from the available online links. The user will download and install the app in the device. The instructions inside needs to be followed to start using this application.

How to download Thoptv app for PC:

Thoptv app was in actual not created for the pc device rather it was only created for the android devices. For installing it into pc, the user needs to install some android emulators which are available in variety of options.

Bluestacks is used as an emulator for downloading many android based installations in pc. First of all, the user needs to download Bluestacks from its official site or any available website online. After downloading Bluestacks, install it in your pc like other windows. Now the user needs to download the latest Thoptv app version online. Now launch the already installed Bluestacks app into your window and the very next step would be choosing a particular language. Now provide your Google account but make sure that you are using that Google account which you are going to provide. Now drag the downloaded Thoptv app into the Bluestacks. It will wither start the installation process on its own or it would ask for our permission. Now open the Thoptv app and start enjoying unlimited videos.


Is this app safe to use?

This app is not designed by any authorized development company rather it is developed  by a third party. But this app is safe and secure to use as a large number of users have downloaded and are still downloading this app. Therefore, it is 100% safe to use.

Which devices are best for the use of this app?

This application runs for all kinds of devices including android and iOS. It runs efficiently in all devices because it is not a heavy application it occupies and consumes a very little space in whatever device you install it in. For pc devices, it is designed along with emulators to be installed in.

Can the videos be downloaded from the Thoptv app just like other apps?

Yes, the videos you want can be easily downloaded in your device and for that you need to have internet access. The internet connection might be either WI-FI or mobile data. The downloaded videos will be saved and can be viewed later on when one does not have internet access.

ThopTV For PC Free
  • Live stream
  • Subtitles
  • Live chat support


Thoptv application has gained immense popularity by providing its users with remarkable and amazing feature and it ensure unlimited entertainment to its users. This application has been used and appreciated by many users all over the world. Thoptv is highly recommended as it never fails to entertain its users through provision of a variety and diversity of TV shows, serials and much more.

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