ThopTV APK v41.0 For Android ( IPL live 2020 ) Download

App NameThopTV APK
Latest versionv41.0
Google play linkthop-tv
Size17.9 MB
MOD InfoFor Android, iphone, IOS

ThopTv is a Android application where you can watch the live ipl 2020. The invention of television was a great source of people to watch their favorite programs and shows. It was the sole source of entertainment in those ages because there was no other way to access media. 

The movies, shows and cartoons used to go on-air which were only available in Dish TVs and cables. There were also DVDs and CDs in those ages to watch the favorite content on repeat. 

But as the time passed and the Android system was introduced, so many more options were given to the people. There were so many applications introduced where viewers can watch their favorite drama, show or movies any time. 

The applications like Netflix came into existence but they had a big drawback. This app was not available for free and contained a very huge sum. This sum was to be paid on the monthly basis otherwise there was no possibility to watch your favorite content. 

This problem was solved with the launch of ThopTV Premium APK. This application is a perfect solution to every problem of the viewers who could not watch by paying a big amount. 


What is ThopTV?

The ThopTV APK is an Android application on which viewers can watch different types of channels for free. It is available for everyone who cannot pay for the media content streaming.

ThopTV has thousands of TV channels which contain movies, shows, cartoons, recipe channels, news channels and a lot more. There is a whole range of variety to watch content of your own choice. 

This application has numerous features which make it one of the best Android streaming applications. These features are so many in numbers that they almost become countless for anyone who needs a brilliant app like ThopTV Premium.


Thoptv Apk Features

Here are some features of ThopTV Premium APK which are worth noticing, and making this application a big success. 

3000 TV channels 

This application has over 3000 TV channels which could be watched at any time of the day. This wide variety of channels is provided for free to the Android users, so they won’t have to worry about not being able to watch TV. 

They can take their smartphone wherever they want and still watch their favorite TV channels with the help of ThopTV Premium APK. 

There are sports, news, cooking, entertainment and a lot more channels from different countries which will definitely delight the mood. These channels are totally free to access and watch anywhere and anytime.

HD Streaming

This application provides the best HD streaming experience to its users. Usually this feature is only available in those versions which are premium. Free ones do not get this option for their viewers. 

But the ThopTV Premium APK has got this option for free. Now the users can enjoy best quality HD streaming of their favorite movies and shows within zero cost. 

Live IPL 2020 Sports channels

ThopTV APK knows that there are several sports fans in the world. Some people just simply cannot live without watching sports while some only watch sports out of any content. now starting the IPL 2020 and you can watch the live ipl 2020 on thoptv app

This application has so many sports channels that you can watch any sports any time. These channels are specifically devoted for those who love to watch sports. The sports like cricket, football, volleyball, tennis, squash and do much more are easily available to watch on this application. 

500 Indian channels 

Indian content is watched all over the world. Most of the people love to watch Hindi channels because they like this content. The dramas, cartoons, movies and news is what attracts people a lot.

This is why ThopTV Premium APK has more than 500 Indian channels in the list. These channels contain all your favorite movies, shows, cartoon channels and a lot more. 

With the help of these channels, they can watch Indian shows anywhere and anytime. There is no limit to watching this content because it is absolutely free. 

Favorites list

If you find a show on ThopTV Premium APK and couldn’t watch it on the spot, then it’s totally fine. Because there is a new option called favorites list.

Anything you see attractive and exciting, you can directly save it into your favorites list. Sometimes you’re already watching a show and you see another great one. So instead of losing it, you can save it to watch later. 

User-friendly interface

This application also has a very user-friendly interface so that anyone can operate this app easily. There are some applications which are quite difficult to use. While this application is quite simple to use and could be handled in a simpler way. 

Customer chat support

It has a customer chat support which could be availed at any time of the day. People can use this feature to get solution of every problem they face in ThopTV Premium APK. Customer chat support will help them resolve their problems and any technical issues which they encounter. 

Supports Firestick and CAST

Many people love to watch their media content on big screens of television. You can just connect it with your TV or any big screen to shift all the content into those devices. In this way, you can enjoy any show on the big screen for free. 


There are multiple subtitles available for shows of any language. Most of the time people prefer to watch movies or shows which are not in their native language. It could be a problem for those users who cannot get subtitles of their favorite foreign shows. 

ThopTV Premium APK has solved this problem by providing tons of subtitles in different languages so viewers can watch any show with the required subtitles. 

Supports all Android devices

This application could run on all the versions of Android devices. There is no restriction of installing and running this app on specific Android devices. No matter if you have an older or newer Android version smartphone, you can still enjoy this application without any issues. 

So many categories

There are a lot of categories to choose between in this application. There is entertainment, news, sports, cartoons, cooking and movies channels, and a lot more. People can choose their favorite category as per their choice to watch in this application. 


All the features, and installation of this application is absolutely free. There is no issue when it comes to the cost of this application because the developers have kept it free of cost for the viewers. 

They understand that people cannot get to watch quality content in HD quality for free. Thus they decided to keep this application totally free. Users can install it from Google directly for free. 

Furthermore, there are no charges to watch unlimited channels or avail other options within this application. There are no monthly charges or any type of registration cost to get started. 

ThopTV APP is a very reliable application for the Android users, who love to watch shows and movies on their smartphone. The best part is, it is 100% free of cost to provide convenience to the users. 

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