V Recorder Mod Apk v7.1.2.1 Without Watermark 2024

APK Bigs - Nov 02, 2023

V Recorder Mod Apk V7.1.2.1 Without Watermark 2024
App Name V Recorder Mod APK
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v7.1.2.1
Get it On screenrecorder.recorder.editor
Price Free
Size 48 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Video Players & Editors
Update November 02, 2023 (8 months ago)

Do you love recording everyday moments in your life? Are videos a way to make your life more creative and show people your perspective through a lens? This is the app for every person who wants to record and save every memory of their life, even the things they see on their phone and create a unique depiction of their life through their own eyes.

This app gives you various features and effects that you can use to record videos instantly. You can record everything yoh do on your phone from playing games to watching videos, you can record them and save them. It is a simple app and you have easy access to it on your phone. You don’t have to look further to record your videos just the way you imagined.

V Recorder Mod APK

Download V Recorder APK

Use the in-built features of the app to record the best videos that you can even go on to share on other platforms. All the footage you might see on your phone can be captured and saved to look at a later time. You can screen record games and show your friends later on something you can be proud of.

After recording such content on your screen, you can then go on to edit those captured footage to make them look even cooler. As the app is pretty simple to use and anyone can easily understand how to use it. Keep recording and making changes on the footage to suit your liking.

Download V Recorder Mod APK

As the app is easy and free to install, download it now to make use of the best screen recording and video capturing application. The better your device is, the higher quality of the recorded content will be saved to your phone which is absolutely understandable but even if the device is not the latest, the video quality is high.

However, if you are playing a game and you start recording the screen through this application, the game may become slow and lag which is why it is advisable to have a device that has hardware which can support the app.

V Recorder Mod APK


The application is completely free to use and users can download it and use it for their benefit without having to pay anything. A high quality recorded video from the phone does not sound so bad when it comes with no costs attached.

Recording is powerful

You just have to click in order to turn the recorder on or off through an easily accessible window. You can record the videos with different effects and frames. You can even make it frameless to give it a floating feeling. Zoom in or zoom out and adjust different ratios of the video.


The app gives you multiple tutorials to make you understand how to use it before actually diving into the recording part. You can be perfectly equipped with the app before starting to use it!

Control your recorded content

You can choose to pause, resume, rewind and fastforward your recorded content with simple controls. You can choose to thoroughly examine the videos before saving them.

High quality videos

With high resolution videos you can get your recorded videos saved on your device without making it look like they are poorly recorded. With the editing options, you can make them look aesthetic even and then your camera roll can be filled with creative and fun recorded content.

Share your recorded content

After being done with recording and editing, you can save it to your device and share them with friends and acquaintances over several platforms. The app comes with an easy and quick shareable option. You can post them, story them whatever you prefer with just a simple click.

V Recorder Mod APK

Be a pro at recording soon

With such additional features and editing tools, you can quickly become a pro at recording these apps and making them shareable with your acquaintances. You can add texts, stickers and different colourful memes to mane your videos look interesting and vibrant.

Have options of multiple sounds

You can add any background music you like because the app comes with songs that are fully legal and licensed and you won’t have to face any copyright claims while adding this music to your videos. You can finally mute whatever sound you captured and add your preferred music.


Many devices have different screen recording options some have their own in-built options but this app lets you make edits on those videos and make them look more pleasing.

V Recorder Mod APK


Q. Is V Recorder Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, the app is fully safe and secure to download with the developers having made it bug free. Your device will be safe after downloading the app.

Q. Can I record games on V Recorder Mod APK?

The app’s screen recorder option helps you record anything on your phone, so yes even when you are playing a game, you can turn on the recording option and everything will be done.

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