Weed Inc Apk v3.18.8 Free Download

APK Bigs - Nov 02, 2023

Weed Inc Apk V3.18.8 Free Download
App Name Weed Inc Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v3.18.8
Get it On com.metamoki.weed
Price Free
Size 138.28 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Update November 02, 2023 (9 months ago)

If you want to be a businessman throughout your life and want to do something that will make you rich, then there is a game that will let you feel like you will become rich by following some tips and tricks in the business. You have to download Weed Inc APK.

The game is about the cultivation of weed and the whole process of cultivating it and then making stuff from it to the selling process to the people that ask for it. There are multiple missions that you have to complete and there is a possibility that you will become rich after some cultivation processes. Following are some important properties about this game that you need to know before starting it. 

Weed Inc Apk

Weed Inc APK

Weed Inc APK is a unique game that lets you be a tycoon by growing weed in the rooms and then makes stuff from it. You can become rich by taking different steps and fulfilling the demands of your customers. There are different rooms that you have to get in the first version and there are tools and other stuff that you also need to get in this app from the payment method.

Features of Weed Inc APK

Start Making Weed in your Company

In the first have you need to get a place where different rooms are available and in those rooms you have to start the process of making weed that will eventually make you become famous.

Cultivation Process

There is a process that you have to go through which is the cultivation process. It is very important that you grow weed in your place and cultivate it for the future.

Sell Weed to Customers

You have to sell the weed that you cultivated with all the process that is important to do it. You need to sell it for a good profit and make money.

Stay Away from Police

The police may invade you in the process and try to snatch everything because it is not legal. But if you follow some tricks you will stay away from the police and do your work.

Make Medicines

You can make different stuff out of the beat that you cultivated. You can make medicines and make a shop where you can sell it and get enough money.

Become Rich

With the above whole process you can become rich and a tycoon that has a name in the industry of different fields of business.

Weed Inc Apk

Why is the Weed Inc APK Pro so Special?

There are many prominent and popular things about this app that will make you go for it and not for any other version. The app is giving you many benefits including the advertisement removal part which is a paid thing in the other version. but now the pro version can remove the ads without any cost.  

Download Weed Inc Latest Version 2023

There are a lot of versions of this app available on the website but if you want a more upgraded one then go for the version 2022.

Features of Weed Inc Pro APK

Free Rooms

You can avail the opportunity of getting free rooms in this pro version app. the more rooms you want, the more you have to pay in the standard version that is totally removed in this version.

Get Gems

You can get a huge amount of gems out of the pro version app because gems are important in every part of the game and if you get it unlimited it will be a huge favor.

No Fee

There is absolutely no fee required for any tool to be used or even for downloading the app js free of any money but full of amazing opportunities.

No Ads

If you are one of those that do not want to be part of their game then it is good news from the provision and that you will not have to watch any kind of ads in it.

Weed Inc Apk

Why Download Weed Inc Pro APK?

If you do a comparison between both the apps, you will know that the standard version is a good one but you do not have free features available in it except for built-in ones. But the pro version is from start till end free of cost that is why it is more reliable to get.

Final Verdict

Weed Inc APK is an app that gives you the feeling of being an owner of a weed company that cultivates it and sells it. Through the process you will become a famous tycoon and rich. You have to go through different missions to be famous.

Weed Inc Apk


Q. What is the size of the Weed Inc APK app?

The size of the Weed Inc APK app is 99 MB.

Q. Does the Weed Inc APK provide you unlimited gems?

No, the first version does not give you the unlimited gems facility. If you want unlimited gems you should go for the pro version app.

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