Zenly Premium Apk v5.9.1 Free Download For Android

APK Bigs - Mar 15, 2023

Zenly Premium Apk V5.9.1 Free Download For Android
App Name Zenly APK
Compatible with Android 7.0
Latest Version v5.9.1
Get it On app.zenly.locator
Price Free
Size 167.06 MB
MOD Info Unlocked
Category Social
Update March 15, 2023 (7 months ago)

With the increased development in each and every faculty of social media you can now know everything about your people, if they have the same application downloaded on their device. Zenly APK is an application that will let you know everything about your friends and family location.

You can know where your friends are and where they are heading towards, the application will let you know their locations and give you the correct spot on location for your friends that will help you to know where you have to go to find your friends and your family. This application can also be used for people who want to be in a safe position while going somewhere far. Following are the information about the app and its different versions and features that may help you in using this app.

Zenly Premium Apk

Zenly APK

For installing the Zenly APK first version, there will be a safest and easiest way to go. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store tracking the mapping of your friends. There will be nothing you have to pay for in order to install this application but maybe you have to go for the premium features and for that you need to subscribe to the premium features.

Zenly Premium Apk

Features of Zenly APK

Know your Friends Location

The help of this application you can easily know where your friends are located right now and you can go there or talk to them. It will always show you the exact location.

Spot-on Locations

Sporting the location exactly where it is is an awesome feature of this application which will give you a lot of benefits that people want.

Correct Maps

This application always shows the correct mapping when you want to go somewhere. If you want to reach your friends or family members it will show you the correct map for you to reach them in the shortest time.

Share your Location

It is very easy to share your location to anyone with the help of this application because it will show you the exact location you are at so it will be convenient for them to reach you.

Work with Internet

The application will only work if you have a good internet connection. If it is Wi-Fi or 3G 4G it will work on any of them.

Monitors your Battery Status

This application monitors your battery status which means it will show you how much battery is remaining in how much time it will take to become a full battery.

Zenly Premium Apk

Why is Zenly Pro so Special?

Zenly Pro APK now is the application that you have to learn about. This application is going to make your experience wonderful because of a feature that it is providing to its users. The only user that can get the opportunity or Android users so if you are one of them you can get the special version.

Download Zenly Pro Latest Version 2023

Zenly Pro APK has a version 2023 which is purely made for the people who want to get advantages of the fastest working application without any glitches. This application is available on the website only.

Features of Zenly Pro APK

No Ads

You want an add-less application to be a part of then you should go for the pro version that will provide you all the facilities along with no ad appearances.

Free to Install

The application does not require any money or favor in order to install it to can install it just like you do the other applications downloaded now from the website.

More Cool Features

There will be more cool features part of the pro version because it is a more updated one and contains old plus new features that are working amazingly.

Why Download Zenly Pro APK?

Zenly APK Pro is the application that you should have on your device because it has some unlimited usage features that will also help you in doing your work amazingly. It gives you all the facilities without any ads so that you may not get distracted by any of the advertisement clips. 

Zenly Premium Apk

Final Verdict

Zenly APK is an amazing application that will let you know the location of your friends and family . If they have the same application downloaded you will know the exact location to locate them. There are multiple features about this application that are loved by a lot of people. Install the application now and avail every facility that is provided to its users.


Q. What is the size of the Zenly APK app?

The size of the Zenly APK app is just 11 MB.

Q. Is it safe to give your location to the Zenly APK app?

Yes it's completely safe to use your location and each and everything about your location to this application.

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