Alien Shooter Mod Apk v52.0 Download For Android

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Alien Shooter Mod Apk V52.0 Download For Android
App Name Alien Shooter Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v52.0
Get it On com.alien.shooter.galaxy.attack.premium
Price Free
Size 112.56 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Update November 02, 2023 (9 months ago)

Everyone wants to become more powerful and they try to occupy other lands like we see in history. All the other rulers try to occupy the lands to become more powerful and the scientist also thinks that at some time the aliens would also try to occupy the earth to become more powerful. There is a game based on such a concept which is called Alien shooter. In this game you will become the Saviour of your Homeland and you will fight with these aliens from invading the earth.

In this game there will be no characters, you would be in a spaceship and you need to use different equipment to fight with these aliens. These aliens will also attack you so you need to be very careful to avoid the attacks of these aliens. You can move your spaceship in different directions. There are so many different kinds of spaceships that you can own in this game and to unlock them you need to complete some goals that will be available to you. By completing these requirements you can unlock new spaceships and have some extra powers.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk

Download Alien Shooter APK

Those people who are usually busy in their life go for the games that do not require much effort and if you are a fan of shooting games and also a busy person then Alien Shooter would really help you. In this game you just need to control your spaceship and move it in different directions to fight with the aliens. The more aliens you will kill the more coins you will collect and these coins will help you to get the new Space ships which have some different abilities and also have some different shooting styles. You can also get so many different boosters by killing all the aliens that are available on the screen.

Download Alien Shooter MOD APK

To get the different spaceships and the different boosters you need to struggle a lot and most of the time you would not be able to collect the boosters and the new spaceships. But if you really want to get the new variety and some additional powers then Alien Shooter Mod APK would help you out. It is the hacked version of this game and it allows you to get all the spaceships unlocked for you and you will also collect unlimited coins in it from which you can buy multiple boosters and enhance your gameplay a lot.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk

Features of the Alien Shooter game

Fight with aliens

Fight with different alien spaceships and they would also fight you back with different bullets and fighting styles. You need to avoid getting attacked by them.

Control your Spaceships

To become a better player you need to control your spaceship in a better manner. You need to be very active and do not lose even a single chance to move in a different direction to defend yourself from the attacks.

Unlock new spaceships

You can unlock so many new Spaceships in this game that have some special abilities. All these spaceships also have different shooting styles.

Various Enemies to fight with

There are so many different kinds of aliens in this game and you will also face some huge spaceships that will try to destroy you and can also move in different directions to kill you. You need to be very careful while fighting with these bosses because there are very few chances of avoiding The Attacks.

Get different boosters

There are different kinds of boosters that you will receive in this game. For example some boosters would help you to not get killed by the bullets of the aliens and some boosters will enhance your speed. Some more than that will provide you with different shooting styles that will kill a lot of aliens at one time.

Fight with powerful bosses

There are some powerful bosses that appear in the bonus levels. If you manage to win these levels you will get some extra rewards and coins.

Enter the God mode

This modified version contains a God mode in which you will remain unkilled by the attacks of the aliens.

Enhance your fighting power

You can enhance your fighting power by buying so many boosters with the coins that you will collect in this game.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk


It is an arcade game in which you will get so much variety of fights and it also contains a bonus level that would help you to collect new spaceships and new boosters. You need to be very careful while playing these bonus levels. However if you want to get free spaceships in this game then you can download Alien Shooter Mod APK.


Q. How do you get new spaceships in Alien Shooter?

You need to spend the coins to get the new Spaceships in Alien Shooter.

Q. What is the Size of the Alien Shooter game?

The size of the Alien Shooter game is 108 MB.

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