Amazon Alexa Apk v2.2.495391.0 For Android

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Amazon Alexa Apk V2.2.495391.0 For Android
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Information of Amazon Alexa

App Name Amazon Alexa
Compatible with Varies with device
Latest Version v2.2.495391.0
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Price Free
Size 91MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Lifestyle
Update February 04, 2023 (13 hours ago)

The Amazon Alexa apk application help the user in easy making use of the app services to perform various functions which might take their time when they are busy working on other things. Amazon Alexa apk application was developed by Amazon mobile web developers. Since the world has become more fast-paced and everything's is available on Android mobile phones or Technology related device, the users main find less time in in getting all their chores done single-handedly.

This is where the application Amazon Alexa apk plays its parts and provide users with a free Virtual Assistant that helps them in doing different tasks easily by just giving verbal commands. This application helps the user in not only reading their messages and sending emails but also allows them to make a to-do list so that they can easily carry on with their work without requiring any other support.

The Amazon Alexa apk application is available in in multiple languages which allows the user to easily navigate to the app in whatever language they find easy to interpret and comprehend. The user of Amazon Alexa apk application will have to grant some permissions to the app in order for it to work optimally.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Amazon Alexa apk features

The application Amazon Alexa apk provides users with a lot of amazing benefits and features that are listed below:

Virtual assistant

Amazon Alexa apk application provides users with the virtual SSN allows them to easily navigate through the Amazon app and perform any task without having to actually manually do it.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Send emails

this application provides users with an assistant that is available all the time it allows them to even send their emails when they are busy.

Mimics a personal assistant

this application can actually the make a personal assistant as it provides users with the ability to have assistant in their daily tasks when they are busy in other things. The user of the app can perform their day-to-day functions such as reading their messages or performing any task on their phone.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Intuitive user interface

the application has a very intuitive and friendly user interface and user of this application can easily navigate to application without requiring any kind of tutorial or user guide for that purpose.

Listen to music

this application also allows users to listen to their favourite music easily by giving the commands to their virtual assistant. It not only allows them to play music that is already present in their device but it also allows them to search for different kind of music by giving verbal commands to the assistant.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Answer to messages

Amazon Alexa apk application also allows users to answer to the messages when they are busy doing other things for example when they are driving and they want to reply to a friend of theirs, then they can easily tell the virtual assistant to do that on their behalf.

Free of cost

all of the services provided by the application are free of cost and the user will not have to put a strain on their wallet in order to make with of this amazing applications services.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Compatible with other android devices

the application also provide users with the ability to make use of the services on other Android devices. It is compatible with different smartphone brands so the user can easily make use of it.

Simple voice command

Amazon Alexa apk application behaves just like a Google Assistant which the users can use by simply using voice command. Application allows users to not only give commands to perform certain functions but it also allows users to ask for suggestions regarding the device optimal working.

Amazon Alexa Apk

No interruption

the application allows users to easily go through the applications without any interruption to the system working.

Smart elements for your house

Amazon Alexa apk application also allows users to connect this device to the smart elements are present in their house so that they can easily make them function just on the voice command. The app helps user in easily turning on or off the smart light bulbs or in making use of other smart devices through this virtual assistant.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Less space consumption

the application does not take much space on the user's device which makes it easy for anyone to download and install it in their phones without having to worry about the storage space of their android device.

Multiple languages Support

the Amazon Alexa apk application provides users with the ability to make use of its services in any of the languages the users Desire. The language options include Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, finish, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romania, Bulgarian, Thai, Slovak, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Armenian and many more. Since the application consists of this huge Number of languages so anyone from the whole entire wide world can easily make use of IT services without any difficulty.

Amazon Alexa Apk

Safe and confidential

Amazon Alexa apk application make sure that all of the information of its users is kept safe and confidential. The personal and private information of the users not shared over the internet and no third party can have access to it.

Regular updates

the application provides users with the ability to update itself on a regular basis which makes it even more desirable for others. This helps users in making use of the application services without facing any issues of sorts.

Amazon Alexa Apk

All time availability

the application provides its services to its users 24/7 which means that the user can make use of the application services whenever they want and at wherever they are.

To do list

Amazon Alexa apk application also helps the user in making the to-do list and adding items to the shopping list so that they can easily make the most of their time.

Amazon Alexa Apk


The Amazon Alexa apk application provides users with a lot of different features in order for making use of it properly.  The application provides all of its services for free which makes it even more desirable.


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Q. Do the app need any extensions for optimal working?

No, the user of this application can easily download make use of the application services without having to download any extensions.

Q. Is the apk file virus free?

Yes, the apk file of the app is virus free and will not harm the user's operating system.

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