Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk 11.7.0 Download Latest Version

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Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk 11.7.0 Download Latest Version
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Information of Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

App Name Angry Birds Friends Mod APK
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v11.7.0
Get it On com.rovio.angrybirdsfriends
Price Free
Size 75.36 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Boosters
Category Arcade
Update November 30, 2022 (24 hours ago)

Angry birds has been one of the most popular games on the internet. People have downloaded it in millions and it is so addictive that they keep coming back to play it. This game is mostly popular because it is so simple and does not require a lot of effort to play.

Even though this game is not so easy, once you get the hang of the game, you can not stop playing. This version of the game is the latest addition in the series with additional and more interesting features, story and gameplay. It is also challenging in different ways and will surely make you feel nostalgic about the game that you used to play.

Download Angry Birds Friends APK

The game has the same controls to play as the previous versions and the same birds are there that you play with. But this version is just more enjoyable and simple. It also has an interesting story that the game revolves around.

As the name suggests, the birds are furiously angry in the game. Their rivals had made a coalition to send a fat pig to steal the eggs of these birds. On top of that, some of their friends are also kidnapped by these rivals which adds fuel to the fire. The birds find the enemies but the pig escapes in a hot air balloon, the red bird goes on a killing spree to get all the fat pigs and restore their friends and eggs.

Download Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

The game gives you a limited number of birds with different colours and all of these birds go into the fight turn by turn, so no one is left out. The birds are distinct based on their colours and they will all be on one side of the screen, that is the right side. Their enemies will be on the left side of the screen.

Their enemies do not have organisation of any sort and are scattered but still their defense is pretty strong by enclosing themselves behind towers of wooden bars etc. You have to position and aim the birds at those defenses and the enemies to get to them and win.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Features of Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Easy controls

The controls of the game are easy and mostly the same as the previous games. Your birds are in a slingshot that you have to aim towards the rivals. You just have to touch the screen and drag it in any direction to stretch the slingshot and set an angle. You can decide the power of the attack the same way.

Get rewards

You get rewards if you finish and win the levels. If you get through the levels in less time then you are awarded with a golden egg, which helps you to find the rest of the eggs even faster. You also get stars according to your performance, the better you play the more stars you get. And you get to unlock other levels with the stars you collect.

Different birds

You get to choose between so many different and colourful birds that have their own unique abilities as well. The red bird does not have special abilities but the rest of them do. Like some birds speed up when you touch the screen, increasing the force of your attack. Some birds have the ability to blow up as a bomb as they reach the enemy lines.

Various levels

There are so many different levels that come with their own challenges. In the beginning, twenty four levels will be there that you can play but as the weeks go by, there are new levels being added all the time. And all the levels have interesting fights and matches. The levels of difficulty also increase as the levels progress.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Invite your friends

The game gives you the chance to invite your friends on Facebook to play the game with you and against you. You can have a battle with your friends in the game and show off your abilities to each other. At the end, you have the bragging rights when you win and get the best scores.

Unlimited money

The modified version of the game gives you the chance to be the richest in the game with the unlimited money feature. You can use the money to buy different powers that will help you win the game.

Win the star cup

The star cup in angry birds is a dream for players and you can challenge players from all around the Globe to tournaments and matches and win this cup.

Unlocked levels

The modified version of the game comes with all levels and seasons unlocked so you don’t have to wait for them to get unlocked on their own.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK


This game is the latest addition to the immersive gameplay of the angry birds series that comes with hundreds of different levels and various game modes like campaign modes and tournament modes.


Q. Why do I need money in Angry Birds Friends Mod APK?

You need money in the game to buy different tools and unlock various abilities.

Q. How can I play Angry Birds Friends Mod APK with my friends?

You can invite your friends to play the game with you through Facebook.

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