Aptoide Apk v9.19.0.0 Download For Android

APK Bigs - Sep 02, 2021

Aptoide Apk V9.19.0.0 Download For Android
App Name Aptoide
Compatible with ndroid 4.1+
Latest Version v9.19.0.0
Get it On cm.aptoide.pt
Price Free
Size 20MB
MOD Info Remove ADS
Category Entertainment
Update September 02, 2021 (2 years ago)

The application Aptoide apk provides users with the ability to download different types of applications easily in their android systems or other operating systems that they are using. There are times when the user is not able to find a desired app on their phone Play Store. This is where this application comes as a hero and helps the user in easily installing and downloading any of the applications by making use of this Aptoide apk application services.

Aptoide apk has many different kinds of applications such as manager apps, food delivery apps, gaming applications, reading applications and many other of its kind. It makes sure that the User experience is kept safe and secure and no malicious softwares or no scams or any such kind of things hinder the user’s process of usage.

Due to its large availability of different types of languages any user of any type of region from the whole wide world can make use of Aptoide apk application without any difficulty. The user of Aptoide apk application will have to grant some permissions to the app in order for it to work optimally.


Aptoide Apk

Aptoide apk features

The app Aptoide apk provides users with a lot of amazing features that are listed below:

App store alternative

the app Aptoide apk provides users with the ability make use of the application in place of Play Store and download as much applications as they want. The application allows them to download different types of game and other applications of different kinds.

Aptoide Apk

Create own app stores

the Aptoide apk app allows users to create their own app stores and then share it with their friends and family easily without requiring much things. This will help them in sharing the gaming apps or other types which is otherwise not possible by making use of the simple app store in their android device.

Latest apps

the user of the app Aptoide apk can get the latest apps by making use of this application. The app provides users with the ability to download any app of their liking.

Rollback feature

the Aptoide apk app also has a rollback feature that allows the users to make use of the application older version before the new update. This allows them to enjoy the services of the application that they liked before the update and they can delete the update as per their requirement and can even update it back when they want it to.

High speed downloads

the app Aptoide apk provides users with the ability to download easily because it provides high speed download ability. This helps the users in getting their desired apps without any difficulty.

Aptoide Apk

Multiple languages

the application Aptoide apk provides users with the ability to make use of its services in any of the languages that the users desire. The language options include Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, finish, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romania, Bulgarian, Thai, Slovak, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Armenian and many more. Since the application consists of this huge Number of languages so anyone from the whole entire wide world can easily make use of its services without any difficulty.

Easy to operate

the Aptoide apk application is very easy to function as it provides users with the ability to make use of its services without requiring any kind of user guide. It has made the process of installing and downloading application in their device easy and simple.

Read reviews

the app Aptoide apk provides users with the ability to easily read reviews of the apps without fearing that they would face any kind of scam. The user gets to have their mind free of any such fear by looking at the ratings.

Supports all devices

the Aptoide apk app supports different devices like Android, iOS, windows and many more. This helps users of all kind of different operating systems can make use of it.


Aptoide Apk

Intuitive user interface

the application Aptoide apk has a friendly and intuitive user interface that allows the users to easily navigate through the application without requiring any kind of assistance of any kind. The user will not be needing any guidance to make use of the service.

Less space consumption

the Aptoide apk application does not take much space on the user's device which makes it easy for anyone to download and install it in their phones without having to worry about the storage space of their android device.

Safe and Secure usage

the application Aptoide apk make sure the user gets a safer experience. It keeps the personal information on private information of its user’s safe and secure from any Intruder that may harm the user.

Regular updates

the application Aptoide apk update itself on a regular basis that makes sure that the user gets an optimal experience. These updates help in fixing any bugs that may have come into the application.


Aptoide Apk

Free of cost service

the Aptoide apk application provide users with free of cost service which allows the people to easily make use of the services without paying even a dime.

Internet connection required

the application Aptoide apk requires an Internet connection to work in optimal condition. If the user does not have an active and stable and strong internet connection then this application will not be able to work and provide its service.


Aptoide Apk


The application Aptoide apk provides users with the ability to install different apps in their Android device without any issues. All of the services provided by the Aptoide apk application are without any cost.

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Q. Is the apk file of Aptoide application easy to download?

Yes, the user of this application can easily download the apk file and make use of the application services.

Q. Is the Aptoide apk file virus free?

Yes, the apk file of the app is virus free and will not harm the user's operating system.

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