Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk v2.0.28 Unlimited Everything and Max Level

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Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk V2.0.28 Unlimited Everything And Max Level
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Compatible with 7.0 and up
Latest Version v2.0.28
Get it On com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark
Price Free
Size 2.4 GB
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu, Primal Pass
Category Adventure
Update December 03, 2022 (6 days ago)


There are many thrilling online and offline games that let you experience exciting events with other players. Ark Survival Evolved is an excellent game set in an ancient world where you have to survive, like in the stone age.

You must capture mighty dinosaurs and train them to fight battles against other creatures. You play as a dinosaur tamer. It also allows you to communicate and play with other players by joining a colony or tribe.

What is Ark Survival Evolved APK?

Ark Survival Evolved APK is on the play store for free downloading. You can get it with Android 7.0 and up. You can play single-mode survival missions and multiplayer matches. Enjoy riding and training 80+ dinosaurs and ancient creatures to experience living in the stone age.

What is the MOD of Ark Survival Evolved APK?

The mod of Ark Survival APK is the hacked version you also get online. It is a free game with the same gameplay and missions as the standard game. You can play the multiplayer modes with no lagging or ad interruption. It has unlimited currency, resources, and unlocked tools.

Why download Ark Survival Evolved MOD APK?

The Ark Survival Evolved MOD is far better than the real game. It lets you use all the paid options without buying any subscription. You won’t have to cross specific levels to unlock new items. It saves time, effort, and money but still gives you everything.


What are the best features of Ark Survival Evolved MOD APK?


In the game, you have more than 80 unique dinosaurs, and other ancient creatures like mammals. These animals roam freely on the island, and you need to capture them to increase your strength.

Survival Mode

At the start of the game, you are alone on a mysterious island. It is a survival battle; you need to adapt to the environment, use all the available resources to build different crafts, collect food items, and do different tasks to survive.

Mystery Island

The gameplay is a mysterious island where you need to survive. You will discover many valuable items, other players, and unique ancient creatures on your journey.

Capture and Tame

To fight against other players, you have to capture different dinosaurs. Capture dinosaurs, ride on them to tame them, and then train them to fight. You will discover new dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs as you upgrade your journey.


In the single-player tasks, you must collect different items like wood, stones, leaves, and fruits. You can use them to build weapons, houses, and other necessities for survival.



You also have a multiplayer gaming mode to fight against the other players and their dinosaurs. It is like a battle royale; the last player standing wins the match.

Join Tribe

Instead of playing alone, you can join a tribe. In the tribe system, you share your collected resources and play as a team.

What’s new in Ark Survival Evolved MOD APK?

Unlocked Gameplay

The gameplay of the modified version allows you to play with all the tools. You don’t need to unlock any mission, dinosaur, weapon, or craft. It has all the tools unlocked with no level upgrade.

Ads Removed

It has an ad-blocking feature by default. It has all the promotional ads removed from its interface. You won’t get ad interruption while playing.

Free Premium Tools

It is an unpaid application with no in-app purchasing. Therefore, all the paid options are free. You have free access to all the premium tools.

Unlimited Resources

The modified version offers you all the resources and money in an unlimited amount. You can use these resources for building crafts.

How to download Ark Survival Evolved MOD APK?

To download the mod apk game, delete the original game. You can get a secure link for downloading the mod apk version online from our website. Click on the link to download the game. Install the downloaded link into your mobile and enjoy playing the hacked version.




Ark Survival Evolved is an adventurous game you can play as a single-player or multiplayer. It has very intense graphics that give you the thrill of encountering dinosaurs. You need to capture, tame, and then train these dinosaurs. It has many thrilling adventures that won’t let you lose your interest.


Q. Q1. How to unlock all the dinosaurs of the game Ark Survival Evolved?

A1. To unlock all the dinosaurs in the game, you must download the mod apk version. It has all the tools like dinosaurs and weapons open without charging money.

Q. Q2. Does the modified version of the game Ark Survival Evolved remove all the advertisements from its interface?

A2. Yes, the modified version of the game has blocked all the popup ads from its gameplay for free. This feature allows you to play your game without any breaks.

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