BGMI Mod Apk

APK Bigs - May 28, 2022

BGMI Mod Apk
App Name BGMI Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.2 and up
Latest Version v1.0
Get it On com.bmi.wallpapers
Price Free
Size 773 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Personalization
Update May 28, 2022 (2 years ago)

PUBG Mobile has its Indian Version for the Indian players, which is known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Playable on Android and iOS devices in a group of three or four or individually, it has the advantage of being compatible with both devices. It is a royal battle game. Almost 100 players compete with each other to win. The winner is the last person to stand on the field. BGMI presents a variety of features, and the screenplay is beyond expectations. 


This game has several modes to play. You can play arena, training, and classic to increase your rank. Many challenges are there to win rewards and to unlock your favorite car's costumes and weapons. Play with your friends by forming a group, or you can also play with other squads to check your playing skills. Defeat your enemies by shooting them with bullets. It teaches the qualities of an emperor in you. You learn to be consistent and brave while standing on a battlefield.

To inform your teammates about the incoming hurdles and dangers, you can send a text using a chat box, or you may verbally inform them with the help of a mic. Send requests to your friends when you see them online to have a strong team, and you can also send requests to random people. Read this article to know more about BGMI.

BGMI Mod Apk


BGMI Apk is a royal game to defeat your opponents in a battle. And also a multiplayer game to test your skills while playing in groups. Choose your look and loot your enemies by winning from them. It is a highly competitive game and develops a sense of responsibility in you. 

BGMI Mod Apk

BGMI Mod Apk version of this game is the most preferred and popular one. It is only for the Indians, so there is no need to use any VPN. A lot of weapons are there to defeat your enemies. It helps you to stay on the top by improving your performance. 

BGMI Mod Apk

Free of Cost

This game doesn't cost you to play. This game sets an example across the globe that You can also play such brilliant games for free. You can have a great experience by downloading it on your smartphone without paying a single penny. So please hurry up and install it on your device to play the most deadly weapon game. 

Heavy Guns and many other weapons

BGMI is known for its explosive and heavy weapons. Therefore people who are fond of fighter games must download this app to have a terrific experience. It has become an addiction among the youngsters because they can use multiple weapons to push their rank and grow their gameplay. It includes AKM, Rugen, SCAR Shotgun, pistol, light machine gun, and many others. 

Choose your map

Players have an option to choose their map. The chances of your survival depend on your map Selection. The names of the maps are Erangel, karakin, Vikendi, Miramar, Sanhok Haven, etc. The loot places on every map are different. You can grow in your game by identifying the best places to hide and loot. Play skillfully to know about the secrets of the places on all maps 

Rewards for the winners

Battleground rewards players for being a winner. You may get weapons, weapon skins, UC, costumes, BP, and AG currency by defeating your opponents. Events are there to get you these rewards. You must participate in these events to win these rewards.

Costumes to wear

It not only provides weapons to create a deadly look, but it also has outfits for players. It has mythic and rarest outfits to wear. Everyone has a different fashion sense and likes and dislikes. So you can choose your favorite outfits in different color combinations. There are many to select from, like the moon dancer set, Poseidon, and much more.

Top class Cars

To assist the players in traveling and to add excitement and thrill, BGMI has a variety of cool cars and other vehicles as well. You can reach your desired place by driving in these luxury and royal cars, scooters, or even bikes. 

BGMI Mod Apk

Source of Income

It is the source of income for many Indian influencers. People are earning lakhs and millions by doing live streaming. A lot of people have become famous public figures after showing their expertise in BGMI through YouTube and many other social applications. We can say that financially it has changed the lives of many. You can also improve your game and become a part of this game to get fame and money. 

Sound for Guidance

This fighter game guides the users about the incoming dangers, present kills, and chances of survival with the help of sound. It helps to be attentive and to stay focused. 

BGMI Mod Apk

Most played game

Battleground mobile India has become the most played game among Indian users. It is well known for its amazing graphics, features, and many other factors. 

Growing with every season

BGMI is introducing new seasons from time to time. And with every new season, the excitement of the players becomes double to have access to the new deadly options to push their rank.


Battleground mobile India mod-APK is developed for Indian users. This game has superb visuals, has grabbed almost every adult's attention, and can get famous if you master this game with great skills. You can also switch servers if you want. So if you haven't downloaded it yet, install it now and be a part of the battle.


Q. Does Battleground mobile India need a VPN to play?

No, there is no need to connect to the VPN for playing.

Q. BGMI mod Apk is created for which country?

It is a game specifically designed for Indians.

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