DISCORD Apk v203.10 - Stable Download For Android

APK Bigs - Nov 09, 2023

DISCORD Apk V203.10 - Stable Download For Android
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v203.10 - Stable
Get it On com.discord&hl=en_US
Price Free
Size 99MB
MOD Info Ultra Compression
Category Communication
Update November 09, 2023 (5 months ago)

Discord Apk is a free communication application for all the gamers playing games on their android smart phones. This Discord Inc. tool is the home for many gamers to chat with their friends and other people in the community with ease. The users can easily make communities, different rooms, tabs and more to chat with their selected people.

The gamers can completely make use of this communication tool to have fun in their free time by texting their people or having voice chats or maybe they can always enjoy the video chats with their friends without paying a single penny and having an internet connection. Whether the users are involved in a school club or they are a part of a gaming group or in a renowned art community, they can always use this application to connect with their friends and spend time together by talking over phone without having to meet them regularly. This application allows users to have private and public, both types of chats with ease.


Single Invitations and Creations

The Discord Apk is a highly organized and categorized tool allowing users to have topic based channels which allows them to just join them, share them with friends and family and then chat away in the talking portion of the channel without creating traffic jams in the group chat. There are text channels as well as voice channels which makes talking easy as the user just have to grab a seat in that specific channel and their friends will be notified about their presence and then they can start their voice chats through pop ups without having to directly call one another. All these channels and groups can be created and the invitations can be sent out to specific people to join those discussions with ease.

Do Not Lose the Bond

Discord Apk is one of the best communication tools as it allows the friendship bonds to never break. This tool allows users to stay close with other through the text chats, video chats and voice chats. The gamers can wave hello to their friends, can watch them to stream their games or can share screens to have drawing competitions between club members or group of friends. Any type of image can be turned into customized emoticons and can be shared directly. Any type of pin, video, GIF, photos and media format can be shared with friends and club members directly through this amazing communication application.


Fan Groups

The Discord Apk allows fans of artists, stars and more to have their own separate rooms for discussions. The members of a single fan group can either create their own private channel that can provide special member access to their fans or can create public groups where any fan all around the world can join and enjoy chatting away about their favorite band groups, artists, singers, players, games and much more. The users can set their own permission and privacy levels of the chats as well as groups and can organize either a local book club or music fan clube or more with ease.

Avatar, Names and Streaming Games

The Discord Apk has cute little avatars for their users to set. They can either select their own images or can use these cute and amazing avatars provided by the developers chilling either on the beach, cleaning the cups, thinking hard during the night or slurping on the juice and more such type of displays are provided for the users to select from. The users have the best option to put up their freaky childhood imagination names as their user names without having any shame about them as this application is all about having fun and chatting the day away. The users can share their screens and can easily share the live streaming of their games or work they are doing through this app, making it a best tool for drawing sessions or learning something new.


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Q. What is Discord Apk used for?

Discord Apk is a communication application that is the only cross platform voice and text chatting application designed for Android gamers.

Q. Is Discord Apk safe for children under 13 years old of age?

Well, that depends on the parent. This app is completely safe for all but comes with a 13 plus years of age label as this app does involve some curse words and bad language.

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