Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK v3.7 Unlimited Ammo and Money

APK Bigs - Oct 27, 2023

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK V3.7 Unlimited Ammo And Money
App Name Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v3.7
Get it On com.tataygames.dutertegame
Price Free
Size 45 MB
MOD Info Free Shopping (Request Lucky Patcher)
Category Action
Update October 27, 2023 (4 months ago)

Imagine a world where scary zombies roam around, and you need to protect yourself from them. Scary, right? We have the perfect solution for you, the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK! It's like a superhero game that lets you form your own team of zombie fighters and use awesome weapons to take on those creepy undead creatures. Trust me, it's a game you won't be able to put down once you start playing!So, keep reading till the end because I promise you'll love all the amazing features of this app.

What is Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK?

In simple words, it's a super cool game where you become a fearless warrior in a world infested with zombies. Your job is to gather a team of tough fighters and take on those zombies in crazy pit-fighting matches. But be careful, you need to use the right weapons and tactics to win!

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Features of Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Build Your Zombie Combat Team

You get to pick your team members, each with unique abilities and skills. Teamwork is essential to win!

Bone-Crushing Weapons

From baseball bats to machetes, this app offers an arsenal of weapons to crush those zombies!

Grisly Pit-Fights

Prepare for intense battles in the pit, where you'll face hordes of zombies. Fight bravely, my friend!

Upgrade Your Fighters

As you win battles, you can upgrade your team members and make them even more powerful.

Amazing Graphics

The game has stunning graphics that make the zombie-fighting experience even more thrilling.

Strategic Gameplay

It's not just about hitting zombies randomly; you need to strategize and plan your attacks wisely.

Thrilling Challenges

The app throws exciting challenges at you, testing your combat skills and courage.

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Unlock Special Rewards

As you progress in the game, you'll unlock cool rewards and surprises.

No Internet Required

You can play this app offline, so you won't have to worry about data or Wi-Fi!

Regular Updates

The app gets better with time, thanks to awesome updates that bring new content and features.


Parents need not worry; this app is suitable for kids too, but always check with them first!

Easy Controls

The app has simple controls, making it easy for everyone to play and enjoy.

Free to Play

You can download and play the app for free! How awesome is that?

Addictive Gameplay

Once you start playing, you won't be able to stop. It's that addictive!

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

No Scary Stuff

Don't worry; while it's about zombies, there's nothing too scary or gory in this game.

New Features of Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Boss Battles

Prepare to face giant, super tough zombies in epic boss battles. Defeating them will be a real challenge!

Multiplayer Mode

Now, you can team up with your friends and fight zombies together. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Customization Options

You can now customize your fighters and make them look even cooler. Show off your style!

Why is Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK a Good Game?

Simple! It's because it offers thrilling gameplay, awesome graphics, and a chance to unleash your inner hero. With exciting challenges and regular updates, you'll never get bored!

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Download Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK latest Version 2023

If you can't wait to try this app, I have good news for you. The latest version for 2023 is available for download. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get fighting those zombies!

Final Verdict

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK is a thrilling and action-packed game where you get to become a zombie-fighting hero. With its cool features and regular updates, you'll have a blast taking on those zombies and emerging victorious! So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and let the adventure begin! Let's go save the world from those creepy zombies together!


Q. Is Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK suitable for younger kids?

Yes, it's kid-friendly, but it's always a good idea for parents to check it out first to ensure it's appropriate for their child.

Q. Can I play the game without an internet connection?

Absolutely! You can play the game offline, so you don't need to worry about internet access.

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