eFootball 2023 Apk v8.1.0 Unlimited Money

APK Bigs - Oct 28, 2023

EFootball 2023 Apk V8.1.0 Unlimited Money
App Name eFootball 2023 Apk
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Latest Version v8.1.0
Get it On jp.konami.pesam
Price Free
Size 2549.3 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Sports
Update October 28, 2023 (4 months ago)

This fantastic game brings forth the best and most realistic virtual Football experience one can ever have! Join the ride with your favorite players and build one of the most renowned teams in this famous sport. You can play in 3D fields with the most accurate and precise dynamics throughout the gameplay. Join challenging online grounds and show your audience who the best player of this sport is! You can join many championship leagues and pave your path to becoming the most excellent Footballer in history! This game has endless challenges and stages to come across.

eFootball 2023 Apk

If you are an enthusiast lover of this sport, this is the ideal game to take you on the best virtual journeys! This game is so much more than just a regular simulator because it makes you feel as if you are in the middle of a real match.

EFootball 2023 Apk

Features of eFootball 2023 Apk


Virtual Football tournaments

This app is the most accurate and realistic virtual depiction of professional Football games! You can get an experience similar to that of a real Football Stadium. For the most exciting part, you can get all these options on your Android device!

Diverse player selection

There are many lists of different players you can select for your next match! Pick the fastest and most renowned players for your team and enhance their agility and stamina.

Put together teams

You can also create teams of up to ten or fifteen players in each match. You can let the game decide or pick the players randomly or invite other players to join your team with the invitation link.

Competitive gameplay

This gameplay contains intense and competitive surroundings where you have to become the best to increase your team's grandeur and excellence.

Claim grand trophies

You can win the most exclusive gold trophies and claim them for your team. There are weekly events that offer such tempting rewards you can earn by winning!

Various competing locations

There are various stadium locations around the world and you can travel across several places along with your team on a professional sports tour.

Excellent game controls

For the controlling options, you get four buttons on the right side of the screen. These included "Shoot", "Pass", "Dash" and "Through" for different movements.

EFootball 2023 Apk

Why is eFootball 2023 Pro Apk so special?

Because of higher access to the game, you can use the pro features to get the best choices for team and player selection. You can also earn more perks for the characters you play with and enhance their agility and performance in the fields. You can also equip the best players.

Download eFootball 2023 Pro Apk Latest Version 2023

There are more tournaments with extra game modes you can earn in the new version of the game. You can also get a diverse list of players to pick from.

Features of eFootball Pro Apk

Get more match passes

You can get premium passes and join the exclusive matches which offer better and more rewarding prizes. These matches can also help you build fame more quickly.

EFootball 2023 Apk

Multiply your XP

You can increase your XP in the game and multiply it as much as you want. There are also XP multipliers you can equip in the game to get double the score you earn along with additional points.

Get premium players

The players with the highest ranks increase your chances of acing the most important matches and these players are available in the premium gameplay.

Why download eFootball 2023 Apk Pro?

This app gives you the best Footballing platform with an excellent online experience. You don't have to practice in the real fields when you can get everything you need in a phone game! There are also many professional matches you can partake in with worldwide leaderboard rankings!

EFootball 2023 Apk

Final Verdict

eFootball Apk is a diverse Footballing game where you can join thousands of other enthusiasts of this game and become a part of an amazing community. You can team up and play together with other players in several virtual events. You can earn a significant amount of prizes by winning matches.


Q. How can I add players to eFootball 2022 Apk?

To add other players to your friend list in the game, you have to tap on their profile and click on the "Add Friend" option. This way, you can view if your team members are active or not. You can also exchange awards and scores with players through this feature.

Q. How can I get the practice mode in eFootball 2022 Apk?

You can turn on the practice mode from the in-game settings. This mode helps you practice the controls of the game with different test matches with NPCs.

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