Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk v1.6.71 (Unlimited Everything)

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Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk V1.6.71 (Unlimited Everything)
App Name Epic Battle Simulator 2 Apk
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Latest Version v1.6.71
Get it On com.rappidstudios.simulatorbattlephysics&hl=en
Price Free
Size 46.7 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Diamond
Category Simulation
Update October 26, 2023 (7 months ago)

It is time to go to war! Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod tests your battle skills and how strategic you can be in a tactical game. You will have to strategically plan all sorts of elements that are needed on a battle field in order to win, this includes everything from training troops to make them professional soldiers to placing them on the battle field in such a manner that you have the strong ground and complete dominance on the field against your opponent, and you need to ensure that your entire base is fully guarded.

This game tests your cognitive skills as well as leadership skills; do you have what it takes to go to war? With a team of skilled archers, impeccable riders, and armed soldiers who will go to any lengths to save their men, you have to fight a deadly battle against your opponents to win and collect bounty to help you survive the battles to come.

This version of the game comes with various fascinating features which will aid you in becoming the king/ queen of Epic Battle Simulator 2, such as unlimited number of soldiers, complete control over your cavalry, and unlimited gold coins. If you ready to go to extremes to defeat your enemies and get an essence of what goes into battle field planning then you have no other option but to download Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod. The war is on!

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk


Get the ever so amazing opportunity to play against real time people through multi player games

  • Matchmaking algorithms which will make your experience way better
  • Experience what it is like to be in a real life battle, step into the battle field and make decision for the fate of your army and test whether you can think strategically and if you have what it takes to be a leader
  • The game is equipped to work on all software’s, Android and iOS
  • Fully optimized for all devices, the game can be played on all devices without any lagging or glitches in the graphics
  • Free of any advertisements which may distract you from the overall gaming experience and divert your attention from training your troops or planning your strategy
  • High quality visuals making the entire game play ten times more wholesome and “EPIC”

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk


Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod can drain or use up a lot of you battery life, almost up to 20%-25%

  • The file size is towards the larger side so it will take up some space on your mobile device

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk


An army filled with troops with all sorts of expertise such as professional and well trained archers, lifelong riders, and well trained soldiers

  • Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod has introduced an advanced multiplayer ranking system for a better match in the multiplayer game mode, defeat opponents with the same level of skills and experience as you
  • Unlimited amount of gold coins so nothing can stop you from upgrading cavalry or the army itself, play with the best troops and weapons in order to secure your place on the battle field
  • The graphics have been improved with the help of ragdoll physics watch your enemies drop dead on the battle field in a much more realistic manner than them dropping down like dolls
  • In order to guarantee a win for you, use the smarter troops function to increase battle simulation
  • To get more connected with the battle and war feels, you will have background music with great high quality sound
  • Unlimited gems

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk

How to Download Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK

Step 1) Execute this process by deleting any files that you have downloaded in your device
related to this game, from before

Step 2) Find the downloadable link of Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK and click on it

Step 3) Then if you receive a message on your screen asking for permission to proceed,
click yes and continue

Step 4) After the download is done, start installing Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK

Step 5) While installing this top of the line unique game if you receive any additional
messages, continue by clicking yes

Step 6) Now comes the confusing and tricky part, but do not be alarmed. First you will have
to find the obb file, after you have located the obb file of Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK
that you just downloaded and installed, take that file and move it to “Sd Card/ Android

Step 7) Finally, after following these steps you can enable yourself to play Epic Battle
Simulator 2 Mod APK and feel the real life experience of being part of a battle field

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Apk

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Q. Can I download Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store?

No, you cannot download Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, because this version of the game is a modified version and all the amazing features included in it are only available to download online, through a downloadable link.

Q. What is the application size of Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK?

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK is around 51 MB’s in size.

Q. Will I be fighting on the battle field myself or do I just have to place troops?

No, you will not be fighting the battles yourself, you will train and place troops, archers, and riders to fight the battle for you. All the fighting is an automated process, but you have complete control over placing the troops and the strategies.

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