Facebook Lite Apk 380. Download Latest Version 2024 Free Download

APK Bigs - Nov 09, 2023

Facebook Lite Apk 380. Download Latest Version 2024 Free Download
App Name Facebook lite Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v380.
Get it On com.facebook.lite
Price Free
Size 2 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Social
Update November 09, 2023 (6 months ago)

Facebook is a well-known social networking platform that enables users to communicate with one another across the world. Because Facebook has users worldwide, it is the most highly rated application on the internet, with millions of good feedback. Facebook's lite version, which takes up less space, was just launched. 

You can easily use Facebook Lite because it has similar features as the full version of Facebook. You can effortlessly share photos and videos with your friends and relatives using Facebook lite. You can meet people from all around the world and form friendships with them. Because there are many informational pages on Facebook, it is a comprehensive world that aids in the gathering of information.

While using their features, this social media app also assists you in promoting your business online. You can place advertisements for brands to reach as many people as possible. This version of Facebook is light, which indicates you can run it on any smartphone because it only takes up minimal memory space. Create an account on this platform and use this app to connect with people all around the world. Let's have a look at some of the cool things that Facebook Lite has to offer.

Facebook Lite Apk


Facebook lite Apk

Facebook Lite Apk is a modified version of Facebook Lite. It’s an application that helps you conserve storage on your phone. You may even use this FB lite app in 2G conditions, so don't concern if your internet speed is slow. This version has all of the features found in the Facebook regular version. With great speed, you can use all services without any issues. You can keep up with the latest news and events from around the entire globe by visiting various pages.


Make a user account

To fully appreciate this fantastic platform, you must first register an account with your personal information, which will be protected by this application. Create an account so that your friends may add you to their list of friends.

After creating an account, you'll be able to follow lots of various pages, including music, politics, entertainment, sports, celebrity pages, and artist pages, to stay up to date. It will also give you relevant material based on your recommendations. Receive notifications whenever one of your friends writes something on their timeline.

Facebook Lite Apk

Make Friends

This social media app's major feature is that it allows you to make friendships. Connect and communicate with them via a chat box. Numerous individuals will appear on your list, allowing you to send requests to become friends with them.
You can interact with anybody from anywhere in the world because there are no restrictions. Share your hilarious and amazing moments with your Facebook friends and family. By typing their names into the search field, you may quickly locate your friends and family.

Share Photos and Videos

Sharing photographs and videos on the internet have never been simple, but thanks to Facebook lite, it is today. You may easily share your videos and photographs with others using this app and get likes and comments on your stuff from your friends and family. 

On your friends' profiles, you can also see images of them. Share different types of information on your profile so that people can see it on their Facebook timeline. You can also leave comments on various Facebook posts, and other people will respond to your comments.

Private Chat room

The app gives users access to a private chat room where they may talk to an unlimited number of people as they want without having to share phone numbers.

Fully optimized

Facebook Lite is a highly optimized app, which means it works flawlessly on any smart device. This version of Facebook is designed for low-end mobile devices with limited capabilities. If you don't have enough space on your device, don't worry; Facebook Lite can be installed on a small device. Because it is a relatively lightweight application, it does not require a high-end gadget to run.

Connect with the World

It allows you to connect with people all around the world. You'll need an account on this app for this, after which you'll be able to connect with any community.
On the Facebook Lite application, you can find all of your favorite artist pages. Find several news sites to stay up to date on the newest events and news. This social app assists you in locating wonderful people in your area to whom you may send friend invitations. 

Lighter Version

This app is lighter than the original Facebook app, which takes up a lot of storage space on the user's phone. As a result, the user may readily access all of the app's primary functions without having to use up too much of their device's storage space.

Facebook Lite Apk


The application allows users to receive notifications anytime a friend of theirs likes a comment on their post. The users can receive notifications for live events as well as events to which they have been added. It also alerts them when a special occasion is coming.

The bar for searching

It offers a search bar where you can look up anything on the site. By simply writing names on it, you may find your favorite pages, persons, places, pictures, and videos. By using this app, you can simply locate your friends and family members. The search bar has been fully enhanced to assist you in finding items more quickly. 

This features a one-of-a-kind user interface that includes all settings, allowing you to quickly grasp the application's functionality. Within seconds, you may search all of the following pages and persons on our platform.

Advantages of Facebook Marketplace

The application also allows users to access the Facebook Marketplace to purchase and sell a variety of things. The user will be able to use all of the application's features without being discriminated against in any way.


Facebook Lite Apk enables individuals to communicate all across the world. If you have a business, you can expand it because Facebook provides you with numerous choices for doing so. Make new friendships and fill your life with joy. Because Facebook has billions of users, it is widely endorsed by millions of individuals. Connect with the rest of the world by downloading this fantastic app. In the comments section, share your positive thoughts about this application with the rest of the world.

Facebook Lite Apk


Q. Is it possible to create more than two Facebook Lite Apk accounts?

Yes! You can create as many as two accounts for Facebook Lite because there are no limitations. To create a new account on it, you'll need fresh information.

Q. Is it simple to download the Facebook Lite Apk?

Yes, it is very simple and easy to download this application without any problem.

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