Facebook Mod Apk 440. Latest Version 2024 Download

APK Bigs - Nov 14, 2023

Facebook Mod Apk 440. Latest Version 2024 Download
App Name Facebook Mod APK
Compatible with 8.0+
Latest Version v440.
Get it On com.facebook.katana
Price Free
Size 49.99 MB
MOD Info No Mod
Category Social
Update November 14, 2023 (8 months ago)

Facebook is the app that brought the social media revolution. Before it, no one knew you could be this social on the internet. This app brought with it the opportunity to make new friends for people who do not possess the social ease of meeting new people.

The app has billions of users all over the World, and these billions of people can connect with each other easily if they wish to. No matter where you are in the World, this app brings you together. It also brings a lot of ways for you to be able to socialise with people. It’s not just about hitting up people and getting to know them, it is about building a community on a larger scale.

Facebook Mod Apk

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Apart from just socialising, you can build your whole personality on the app by updating your status on your wall. This status can be a reflection of your thoughts and what you are doing at the moment. Apart from this, there are various groups on the app which people of similar interests can join. For example, there can be a group for the fans of a book and everyone who likes the book can join and have hearty discussions about it.

This app can bring you news about your favourite famous people as such people have their pages where they update whatever they are up to. Another way to be in touch with people is to chat with them or even go live with them together to have a chat and let other people join your conversation too.

Download Facebook Mod APK

Keep your friends in touch with you and let everyone know what is happening in your life through the app. Update statuses and check in your favourite restaurants and tag people you go there with!

The best thing about the app is it lets you protect your privacy. You can change privacy settings and select who can see your pictures and posts and who can not. Lock your profile to everyone other than your friends and do not worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands.

Facebook Mod Apk

No messenger required

In the modified version of the app, some additional features are added. For example, you do not need to install the messenger app to be able to chat with your friends. There is a messenger in-built in this version where you can easily chat with your friends.

Play games

The app brings exciting new things for you to try. You can play free games on the app whenever you have time to spare. You can invite your friends to play these games with you as well.

Build your business

We have all seen a change in the way people do business in the past few years. A lot of startups and small businesses have been started. You can also make a page of your business and give several ads on the app for a price, of course.

Be able to save videos

A lot of times, you might have scrolled through Facebook and seen videos on your page which interest you. You might want to save those videos to your device and watch them later but the app does not allow you, the modded version of the app allows you to save these videos.

Share activities

You can let your friends know whatever you are doing in your daily life whether you are going out, watching a movie, or listening to songs. Share your everyday doings with the people you want to share them with and enjoy their comments about it.

Get to know new people

This app allows you to connect and get in touch with new people from all over the world. No matter which country you belong from, this app does not restrict you from getting connected with friends in other countries. You can chat with them, have conversations and send them friend requests.


Facebook Mod Apk

Be a part of groups

There can be many different groups about different things that you can create or join. All these groups have numerous members who are basically interested in the same things and you can have discussions with people who share those interests.

Privacy settings

You have complete control over the privacy of the content you share on the app. Whether it is your pictures, your status or your personal information, you can choose who can view it all. You can even restrict people who are not your friends from sending you messages so there are no threats from unknown people.


All the features that require you to be social come with this app. You can share pictures and your activities and enjoy all the likes and comments from your friends and become a popular profile.

Facebook Mod Apk


Q. Can I choose to send friend requests to anyone on Facebook Mod APK?

Yes, you can send requests to anyone who has opened their profile for the public. However, you can not send a request to someone who does not allow random people to send them requests.

Q. Can I restrict people from seeing my profile on Facebook Mod APK?

You can choose to block unwanted people from seeing your profile if you choose.

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