Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk 3.14.1 Latest Version 2024

APK Bigs - Nov 02, 2023

Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk 3.14.1 Latest Version 2024
App Name Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v3.14.1
Get it On com.ohbibi.fps
Price Free
Size 150 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Action
Update November 02, 2023 (4 months ago)

As you know that nowadays shooting games' popularity is increasing day by day.These games provide a sense of letting out the aggression of people and sooth them in different ways. Similarly frag pro mod apk is designed spectacularly.


You get to choose between forty characters all with different abilities and weapons therefore you can choose your favourite character and play in a multiplayer mode with people from all around the world or you can challenge someone for a one vs one match.The key of this game is to destroy others and survive till the end.

Frag Mod Apk

Frag Pro Shooter APK

Unlike other games the controls of this game are standard.You can easily have access of the game by touching onto your touch screen.Use the joystick on the left to move your character and the action button to reload your weapon gaining access to other abilities of the character as well.Therefore as soon as you focus on your target the character automatically shoots it and destroys it.This game can be easily downloaded on your devices through app play store or google store or any websites online that too for free.

Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK

There is a card system in this app through which you can upgrade your heroes, improve their skills therefore the more cards you will get the more your heroes abilities and skills will improve which would make it easier for you to destroy other players and survive in the game.There is a way through which you can gain access to all the cards and unlock other abilities too.This can only be done by downloading the frag pro shooter mod apk which is available on several websites.Download this version and enjoy several benefits.

Frag Mod Apk

No advertisements in the unlocked version

As you know that every game and app gives advertisements in the middle of the game however you can remove these ads by downloading the unlocked version and enjoy much smoother and more interesting gameplay.

Unlimited coins and diamonds

You can also get unlimited coins and diamonds in the unlocked version which would help you gain access to a lot of the characteristics of the game such as their weapons or increasing their abilities.

Ability to choose views

This game allows you to choose a first person view or a third person view according to your comfort.

One shot kill

Sometimes when you aim and shoot on another player they don't die on the first shot as maybe our aim was not right or they had a higher health, however the unlocked version of this app allows you to kill your opponent by just one shot rather than shooting multiple times.

Frag Mod Apk

Unlimited ammo

This app gives you an option of reloading your gun if you have enough ammo which are the bullets of the weapon,however the ammos might run out and you have to collect them again in order to shoot.The unlocked version of this app allows you to have unlimited ammo and play non stop.

Unlimited abilities

Every hero has their own abilities such as flying,moving slowly,fire rockets,multiple punches,crossbow shields etc however these abilities will have to be unlocked through cards or coins or diamonds but the unlocked version  of the app allows you to gain access to all the abilities of each character.

Graphics and visuals

The animated graphics and visuals of this app makes the player feel as if they are playing in a cartoon movie.

Play with friends

If you are bored and want to talk to a friend but also play this game you can easily challenge your friends or team up with them for a match.

Frag Mod Apk


This game is very interesting to play and gives you the option of entirely customising your game from its characters to their abilities.I would not say that this game is safe to play for children despite of its cartoony features as afterall it is a shooting game and should not be accessed by children as it would affect their mind.As adults like to have control over everything therefore this game is perfect for them and might get really addictive due to its numerous features.

Frag Mod Apk


Q. Can frag pro shooter mod apk be played offline?

No this game cannot be played offline as your opponents are other players and not the computer.

Q. How can someone play farg pro shooter mod apk with their friends?

Open the app , tap on your profile and select friend code.Now you just have to enter your friends game code in order to play with them.,

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