Gardenscapes Mod Apk v7.4.2 Download Unlimited Stars

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Gardenscapes Mod Apk V7.4.2 Download Unlimited Stars
App Name Gardenscapes Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest Version v7.4.2
Get it On com.playrix.gardenscapes
Price Free
Size 139 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
Category Casual
Update November 14, 2023 (8 months ago)

When you think about gardens, your imagination will definitely be filled with grass, a lot of trees and flowers, and being with nature. Gardens can be a soothing place where you might want to take a stroll or just spend time with your family.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk

Many people spend their time in nature to calm themselves after a long day. Gardening and planting different plants and flowers are also a tiring activity but very enriching which is why many people do gardening to just be able to grow different things and take care of them. This app brings you in close contact with a story about a garden and takes you on an interesting journey with a family.


Download Gardenscapes Mod APK

There are various apps related to gardening and people interested in that have them all downloaded but there are a limited number of games related to gardens. Such games may not be popular amongst the people, but they are definitely popular in the long run.

The game has an interesting story where a person in the city gets a letter from a relative’s housekeeper where you have just been left behind with a beautiful garden in the countryside by your relative who is traveling. As your love for gardening and nature is widely known, you are tasked with looking after the garden.

Download Gardenscapes Mod APK

Taking care of a garden may sound like a tiring and boring job but if you get interested in it, it is one of the most therapeutic experiences. Your character in the game will be passionate about gardening and the more you play, you might actually start feeling it with the same passion.

You just have to work on a few puzzles and your reward will be stars and coins. The more rewards you earn, you can work on your garden and spend those coins and stars on the redecoration of the garden.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk


As there are not many games out there with nature or gardens, there will not be many games with such unique and beautiful graphics as this one. The colours are all vibrant and the design is just pretty. The flowers are well thought out as well as the other details like various insects.

Interesting characters

The characters in the game are really interesting and are all connected to the real story. The housekeeper’s character will also be there along with your own character. There is also a friendly dog in the game, making it realistic.

Fun story

The story of the game will not make it feel like you are just playing the game endlessly without a reason. You are tasked with a certain job and as you are informed that your character loves gardens then you will put in more effort to make the garden the best.

So many challenges

The game has different challenges and does not end so early. If you start playing the game then do not worry about it getting over in just a few missions, because it has so many modes and additional game plays.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk

Unlimited stars

As you need the stars to be able to decorate the garden and make it better, the original version requires you to pay for them while the modified version gives you access to unlimited stars without any limitation and you can use as many as you want to make your garden look better.

A social platform to connect with friends

The app does not limit itself to just being a game as it is a platform to network with your friends as well. You can invite your friends to play the game and then look at their garden and compare whose garden is better.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk

No advertisements

The constant advertisements can be a nuisance, especially when you are really immersed in a game. This app comes with no such disturbances and you won’t be bothered by constant ads just popping up on your screens.

Free game

 The game is very budget friendly as it has no effect on it. Do not worry about spending huge amounts on the app and its subscription because there are no such requirements.


3D graphics and vibrant visuals will make the gameplay really fun to begin with. The extra features of you being able to look at other people’s gardens can help you take inspiration and you can get the motivation to make your garden the best one for everyone to see.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk


Q. How is the modified version of Gardenscapes Mod APK different?

The modified version allows you to get all the extra features of the game unlocked without having to pay for those features. You can get extra decorations and so many stars and rewards to spend on these decorations.

Q. Is Gardenscapes Mod APK legal?

Yes, there are no legal issues with the game and you can download it without any such worries.

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