Getcontact Apk 6.4.0 Latest Version

APK Bigs - Oct 28, 2023

Getcontact Apk 6.4.0 Latest Version
App Name Getcontact APK
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v6.4.0
Get it On app.source.getcontact
Price Free
Size 68 MB
MOD Info ADS Remove
Category Communication
Update October 28, 2023 (4 months ago)

As we use our contact number to different platforms including many fields so it is quite possible that your number gets in the hands of people that you do not know or even they don't know you. Your number can be spread that is not stoppable and this is how it works. But you can stop yourself from getting spam messages and calls by the help of Getcontact APK.

With the help of this amazing app, you can do a lot of things including blocking different accounts that you may know and even those you do not know. You will not receive such spam messages any more if you download this app. There are many benefits of this app that you will know in this article if you read till the end.

Getcontact Apk

Getcontact APK

The standard version of Getcontact APK is available on the app store so you can download it easily without any cost and start using it for getting yourself protected from spam messages. You can use all the built-in features easily without any restrictions or limitations but for the amazing features, that fall in the category of advanced and modified features, can only be used if you pay a little amount that is part of the app.

Features of Getcontact APK

Block Unwanted Contacts

With the help of the sumating app you can block unwanted unknown callers easily and instantly whenever they make a call to you you do not have to go in further verification because you just need to block that number and it will never happen again.

Get Names of Unknown Callers

You can easily find out who is calling you if the number is saved in any other contact number so you can easily know who is calling you with their names.

Get Rid of Spam Messages

You can easily get rid of sperm messages that come on your phone all the time. This is the most wanted feature because most of the people are tired of getting calls from unknown numbers and messages from them which make them uncomfortable.

Getcontact Apk

Easy Usage

The application is too easy to use. There is no hard and fast rule for anything you just need to open the app and everything is in front of you to choose from.

No Privacy Issues

Regarding privacy issues, there is no such problem where your phone number or any details get leaked to any other contact number. This application is totally safe in this regard.

Get Premium Features

You can get premium features for that you have to pay but these features are unbelievably amazing and give you wonderful benefits.

Getcontact Apk

Why is the Getcontact APK Pro so Special?

This application of blocking different spam messages and calls is already an amazing one. but the pro version of this app is totally outstanding and getting reviews about it every now and then because people are loving the opportunity they are getting to use premium features and get contact with the APK pro version.  

Download Getcontact Pro Latest Version 2023

The version 2023 is the best version out of all, so all of you need to get that version because it is more updated and getting new features every now and then.  

Features of Getcontact Pro APK

No Ads

If you want and app that contains No add but gives you all the benefits of the Getcontact APK app, you can go for the provision because this app has totally eliminated advertisement from the app.

Contains no Fees

If you want to pay nothing for downloading this amazing pro version, it is in your hands that you can do it if you get an authentic website to download the pro version app from.

Free Advanced Features

The premium features or advanced features of the initial versions were asking money to use them but in the provision all of them are free of cost without any hidden charges.

Updating Process

The process of updating the app to make it useful and more full of benefits the pro version is constantly updating and making things possible for everyone.

Why Download Getcontact Pro APK?

By reading the above points about the pro version, you must know how efficiently this application works in the pro version. If you want to get benefits of all of the above points, you should go for the pro version because none of the above facilities will be provided to you in any other version.

Getcontact Apk

Final Verdict

The marvelous app Getcontact APK is one of the useful apps that is giving many opportunities for people to know who is calling them and also at the same time you can block many unwanted calls and messages from different unknown people. There are a variety of features that will help you in different scenarios.


Q. What is the size of the Getcontact APK app?

The size of the Getcontact APK app is 44 MB.

Q. Can we know who is searching for our number in Getcontact APK?

Yes, this is the feature of the newest update of Getcontact APK that you can also know who is searching for your number to dial.

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