Hide 'N Seek MOD APK v1.9.16 Unlimited Coins

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Hide 'N Seek MOD APK  V1.9.16 Unlimited Coins
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Information of Hide 'N Seek MOD APK

App Name Hide 'N Seek MOD APK
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v1.9.18
Get it On com.seenax.HideAndSeek&ref
Price Free
Size 82MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Action
Update January 09, 2023 (26 days ago)

 Going down the memory it is impossible to not play the game named Hide and Seek when you were little. It is an old game but worth playing. Everybody has a memory regarding it. Now as technology grows, you can easily play the game Hide 'N Seek Mod APK on your device to kind of get the same vibe that you used to in the past.

 There is a seeker and a group of people that the seeker should find. The game is in the same pattern that is played in reality but there are some graphics quality that may let you feel like you are playing a game as it is not realistic.

Hide 'N Seek MOD APK

 Hide 'N Seek APK

 The main version can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or Apple store and players can instantly start the game. There are some things that are locked that you need to unlock by giving money to the app. There are built in features which are also known as free features that you can use in the game without any money.

 Features of Hide 'N Seek APK

 Graphics Quality

 The graphics are not that interesting to play in. It falls in the category of average graphics but the game is still worth playing.

 Reality Based Game

 The game is actually based on a real game that most of the kids still play in real life. The originality of the game makes people play it more and more.

 Strategy of the Game

 The game needs you to play with the 6th sense so all you have to do is to just assume that the other player is coming to seek you or you need to make sure the other person is hidden in this place. The game requires you to use your brain.  

 Teammates Help

 If you get caught by the seeker, you will be placed in jail. But there is a possibility if your teammates reach you so they can easily rescue you with the trick or else you will be there forever.

 Easy to Play

 The game is easy to play. It has no hard first rule so you need to be very attentive.


 The game is very addictive if you play it in real life. It is very interesting but the game the developers offer is also very addictive.

Hide 'N Seek MOD APK

Why is the Hide 'N Seek APK Mod so Special?

The Mod version of this gameplay is very convenient to play and there is no other version that compares to this one. you get many different advantages and there is no search thing as advertisement for you to get annoyed while playing the game.

Download Hide 'N Seek Mod Latest Version 2023

In 2022 the latest version will be updated and if you get that version you will see the perfection there is no buffering issue or any other thing part of it. 

Features of Hide 'N Seek Mod APK

Ads Free

Free of ads gameplay is honestly so amazing because you get no disturbance so you can play easily. Thankfully the MOD version contains no ads.

Locked Levels

There are various levels in the first version so the mod version has deleted this policy of locked levels and now you can avail every level.

Premium Features

Now there is no need to pay for premium features to unlock them or purchase them. because the mod version has totally changed the policy and you can now avail for free.

Free Gems

Gems help you and get released from the jail when the seeker catches you so it is very important to have gems in your pocket thankfully the Mod version gives you unlimited gems for this.

Why Download Hide 'N Seek MOD APK?

There are many things that in the mod version benefits you. The standard version always has some limits for everything while the Mod version does not restrict the player to any limits. That is why you should get the Mod version.

Procedure of Downloading & Installing Hide 'N Seek Mod APK

The method of downloading Hide and Seek Mod APK is to have an Android device with sufficient capacity to get the app on it. The internet connection must be good so that the downloading does not interrupt by downloading the app from the website and allow the app to use the data of your device.


Final Verdict

Hide 'N Seek Mod APK is a reality based game that gives you a good vibe when you play it. There are a lot of different levels and difficulties occur as the level goes up. So you need to be very careful while playing the game.


Q. What is the size of the Hide 'N Seek MOD APK app?

The size of the Hide 'N Seek MOD APK app is 83.1 MB.


Q. What is the reason behind not downloading the Hide 'N Seek Mod APK app on the device?

This happens when your internet connection is not good or you do not have sufficient space. Sometimes the server may be busy, which leads to this problem.  

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