Hills Of Steel Mod Apk v5.0.0 (Unlimited Money And Gems)

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Hills Of Steel Mod Apk V5.0.0 (Unlimited Money And Gems)
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Information of Hills Of Steel Mod Apk

App Name Hills Of Steel Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v5.0.0
Get it On com.superplusgames.hosandroid
Price Free
Size 105.62 MB
MOD Info Unlimited coins
Category Action
Update December 01, 2022 (4 days ago)

Nowadays, all children and youngsters are attracted to online games. They try to spend their free time playing games. Games that contain fights and battles are very liked and loved by people. There are several great games available right now that you can install.

The best ones are fighting games that allow you to use your entire army against other players. Hills of Steel is a fighting game that is available for your enjoyment right now. You may play this interesting game and compete against tough opponents. You can fight many opponents and get various rewards.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

Hills of steel Apk

Hills of Steel Apk  is a very well-known game that contains tanks. This game is created by Superplus Games, where you compete on the battleground against other tanks. To destroy your opponents, you can unlock a wide variety of tanks here, each with special skills and characteristics. Since this is a physics-based game, you are free to move and attack as you want. Feel free to finish the Campaign mode, in which you can battle numerous enemies across different stages. You can participate in multiplayer games with which you can compete against individuals.

Tank battles offer a lot of fun opportunities to practice your skills and put your tank's capabilities to the test. The player who can shoot and safeguard effectively succeeds in these video games. Hills of Steel is a great tank-fighting game you should install immediately. In-app purchases are an additional way to improve attacks on enemy areas or experience the game for free.


Hills of SteelSteel Mod Apk

Hills of steel mod APK is the advanced version of this great tank fighting game which enables users to have access to unlimited cool features for free. The properties of the tank's shots, such as the Tesla kind, which fires shots with electrical power, are revealed when you click on the upgrade interface for the tank. So, in this scenario, tanks with modern forms could show up. Additionally, since each upgrade will cost money, you can gather more tanks to boost their strength.

You are free to play this game to unlock a variety of tanks with different skills and characteristics. There are several different tanks, including the Cobra, Atlas etc.

You can upgrade the tank as you continue to fight and take on numerous big fights. You may level up and become a major right away by playing 2v2 multiplayer games! You can run this game interactively while competing against live gamers worldwide.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

Contain a lot of weapons

There are several options available today if you enjoy playing online games. There are the standard fist-and-other-weapons-involved fighting games. Exciting ones, though, including battleships and even vehicles, exist as well. They can be entertaining to deal with in video games because they offer various weapons and strategies. You can play a game where you fight tanks right now called Hills of Steel!


Challenge yourself

Hills of steel is one of the interesting games available today. These video games are the finest to play if you enjoy challenging yourself. In reality, tanks are used by the military because they offer a lot of firepower against terrorists and other types of opponents.

Play in a variety of modes

In this game, you can compete against two other players in a team effort for popularity and control. Play a game where the goal is to collect as several coins as possible.Enjoy additional gameplay modes - In addition to multiplayer, the Adventure mode lets you battle enemies and other soldiers to gather war treasure.

Enjoy Premium version

Then, you can participate in the Arcade mode, where you can battle challenging enemies! Rank up right away to take the top spot on the field. Hills of Steel provides a fun and cost-free war.


The game has excellent gameplay, and you blast guns following accurate physics principles. You can also unlock and test out various tanks and unique powers in the game. You get the choice to upgrade to move rapidly, deal more destruction, and have greater protection after a tense fight.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

Convenient Gameplay

You can increase your chances of becoming a great tank champion by winning more games. The game is amazing due to its easy gameplay, which is also quite entertaining and appealing. The tank moves horizontally on the mobile phones.

Unlocked tanks

You will find a particular talent for each kind of tank in this videogame, but it is not simple to master. After winning some matches, you may receive a box that reveals tanks and skills. As a result, you can hire tanks with various abilities and characteristics if you collect a certain number of tank components.

Multiple amazing elements

The gamer will undoubtedly earn cash and gems while playing Hills of Steel. The items you receive after winning some battles are insufficient to get a particular tank. As a result, you will be able to open more items in the store using your resources. So enjoy the unlimited money by opening these boxes.


Learn various skills

The champion is the team that kills more opponents and has a better score than the opposing team. Players must therefore apply brilliant fighting strategies and great teamwork to avoid all problems on the threatening battlefield. You will improve your battle record, get many points, and receive other attractive benefits if you need to win from others within the given time.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK

Simple Controls

Your fighting and controlling abilities will improve after completing several stages. Players must also follow several other vital factors, such as geographical knowledge, strong teamwork, and the capacity to resist tank damage.


Exceptional Graphics

Hills of steel's 2D graphic design is displayed in visual effects on the smartphone app's horizontal screen. The game's graphics are colourful and welcoming, even though they are not as accurate as those in World Of Tanks. There are a wide variety of tank sizes and styles.


Hills of Steel mod Apk is the tank game you're searching for if you want fun. You will adore the game because it includes many interesting features and very enjoyable graphics. These benefits contributed to the popularity of the game and its over ten million installations from the Google Play store. You can easily install the game by the Link given.

Hills Of Steel Mod APK


Q. Does the mod APK version of this game contains Premium features?

Yes, the mod APK version of this game contains premium features.

Q. Does Hills of steel mod APK contain ads?

No, it does not contain any ads. It is ads-free.

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