Hungry shark world Pro Apk v11.4.0 Unlimited Money

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Hungry Shark World Pro Apk V11.4.0 Unlimited Money
App Name Hungry shark world Pro Apk
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest Version v11.4.0
Get it On com.ubisoft.hungrysharkworld
Price Free
Size 166 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Action
Update June 20, 2024 (5 days ago)

Hungry shark world apk is an adventurous and unique game where you can have a whole pool of your own sharks. You have to take proper care of your sharks and monetize their growth regularly. You will be gone in the deep ocean where there are ferocious sharks that will accompany you. You can play with them and make them do amazing things.

There are so appealing challenges in this game which you can do and make your sharks do them. The stunning graphical animations add a cherry on top. There are so many different types of sharks having different shapes and colors. You can pick up your favorite one to play this simulation game.

Hungry Shark World Pro Apk

Download Hungry shark world apk

This game is truly an exciting game to pass your time. You can have these deadly creatures as your pets and make new kinds of skins for them. It has so many side games which you can play while surfing through the ocean.

Features of Hungry shark world apk

A stunning game to play

The beautiful representation of the underwater world and different types of sharks is truly magnificent. There are excellent simulations of the creatures which doubles the joy of this game.

Adopt a shark and make it grow

You can adopt a pet shark for yourself and breed him for growing. You have to feed the hungry sharks properly in order to make it up to the final stage of the game.

Choose the shark of your choice

There are so many options of different sharks which you can select. The sharks come in all shapes and sizes in this game. You can pick your favorite partner for the game.

Customize your sharks

There are about 20 species of sharks and more than 8 different size levels. As you go farther in the game you can enjoy unlocking a new customization option for your shark. You can make it the deadliest creature in the water.

Enjoy roaming the underwater world

With extremely exceptional graphics you can enjoy the deep-water world with your shark. You can go to different oceans and seas with the help of your pet shark.

Do badass missions with your shark

Become the deadly shark owner and complete the badass missions of the game. There are more than 20 types of challenges in this game. You can hunt down prey or engage into deadly fights. It is all up to you.

Hungry Shark World Pro Apk

Why is hungry shark world pro spk so special?

There are free game levels and more exciting challenges in the premium version of the game. You can make your sharks more epic and do deadly tasks with them. There are no restrictions on surfing throughout the game.

Download hungry shark world latest pro apk 2023

There are more thrilling challenges loaded in this latest pro app of the game. You can customize your sharks without any barriers and make them reach the unreached sites of the oceans.

Features of hungry shark world pro apk

More game levels

You can enjoy more levels for playing by downloading the pro aap. You do not have to spend your money on unlocking these game levels as they all are already available to play.

Unable the extinct mode

You have to save the extinction of sharks from the ocean. You can start the breeding of your sharks and grow more sharks in this app. It can help you to earn more points.

More preys to hunt

You will be given extra prey and food for your shark in this pro app. In this way your shark will be satisfied and can work better with you.

Hungry Shark World Pro Apk

More animals to help you

There are little sharks, octopuses, whales and many more animals which can help you to hunt down prey with you. You can have extra tasks strength for carrying out your missions

Why download hungry shark world pro apk?

This game can make your time pass in the most adventurous way. You can play with deadly sharks without any fear. The daily, weekly and monthly challenges make this game more thrilling.

Final Verdict

This game is an amazing adaptation of an underwater world where there are so many creatures you can play with. Sharks are your real best friend in this game which will do so many adventures with you. You can make them pretty and roam around the underwater worlds with them. There are so many things to get amused by.

Hungry Shark World Pro Apk


Q. Do I need a proper internet connection to play hungry shark world pro apk?

No, this is an offline game which you can play without an internet connection.

Q. Who is Glutwell in hungry shark world pro apk?

Glutwell is your ultimate enemy in this game which wants to damage the hungry shark world. You have to kill him.

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