Kuku Fm Mod Apk 3.7.7 Download Latest Version 2023

APK Bigs - Nov 06, 2023

Kuku Fm Mod Apk 3.7.7 Download Latest Version 2023
App Name Kuku Fm Mod Apk
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest Version v3.7.7
Get it On com.vlv.aravali
Price Free
Size 38 MB
MOD Info For Andriod
Category Music - Audio
Update November 06, 2023 (5 months ago)

Nowadays everything is done through mobile phones. Whether it is watching movies or studying. Development of several applications have made life much easier for us. Similarly this app has also been developed for your ease and comfort through daily life.

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to memorise songs and difficult to memorise study related topics? The reason is that when we listen to something in a rhythm our mind grasps it more easily causing us to remember it. Similarly this app would also make listening to various things a lot easier for you.

Kuku Fm Mode Apk

Download kuku fm apk

This app would make learning and listening to several things a lot easier for you. These may include podcasts, news, autobiography, stories and much more. If you get bored you can just open this app and search for whatever you want to listen to in that particular mood and enjoy. If you are angry at someone or something you can search for soothing and calming stories, put your headphones on and let the app do the rest for you.This app will also provide you with several customisation features therefore you can set it up according to your comfort zone.

If you think you can get the most benefit out of this app then don't forget to download it on your android or ios devices. There are no bugs in this app as they have been recently fixed. This app is also free to download.

Download kuku fm mod apk

This app has a variety of material for you to listen to. However some of them would be locked and cannot be accessed without getting the premium  package of the app. These locked versions include some audio books such as Rick and Poor Dad, The Power of Habit and many others. The reason why these books cannot be accessed without paying and getting the premium version of the app is that they are really popular and are advanced therefore you will have to pay some amount to access them.

If you really want to listen to these books but don't want to pay to get the package then you can download the mod apk version of this app available on the internet.

Kuku Fm Mode Apk

Features of kuku fm mod apk

Audio books

You can listen to several audio books through this app. If you think reading books is difficult or requires a lot of concentration then listening to books has been made aot easier through this app as you can multitask as well.

Many languages

The mod apk version of this app allows you to access books and other stories in different languages. This makes it easier for people from all over India to have access to this app. If you want to listen to an English book in Tamil or Bengali then you can easily translate it into that particular language and enjoy.

Share books on social media for free

The mod apk version of this app will allow you to share several audio books and stories to other social media accounts that too for absolutely free. The way your friends and family can also benefit from it.

Unlock all episodes of books

The mod apk version of the app would allow you to unlock all the episodes of books therefore you can listen to them endlessly.

Free of advertisements

Advertisements would be really annoying and might cause distraction for you while you are listening to your favourite books. Therefore the mo0d apk version will eliminate all kinds of advertisements for your comfort.

Listening to podcasts

This app also allows you to listen to several podcasts.

Book summaries

If you want to listen to a particular book however you don't really know about its story or whether you will enjoy it or not then you can listen to its book summary first and then decide if you want to listen to the entire book or not.

Small stories

If you don't feel like listening to long story books then you can also listen to small stories through this app.

Kuku Fm Mode Apk


This is the perfect app for those people who like to read books but don't really have the tie to. Therefore they can just open the app and select their favourite genre, then choose from the categories and enjoy listening to whatever they want to. You can also listen to songs through this app. The sound quality of everything available on the app is amazing , and would provide you with uninterrupted content in the best sound quality. You can share  your favourite books with your friends through the mod apk version.

Kuku Fm Mode Apk


Q. Is kuku fm mod apk an indian app?

Yes, this is an Indian app.

Q. Is there a sleeper time in kuku fm mod apk?

Yes this app has a sleeper time for you.

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