Lightleap PRO Mod Apk 1.4.1 Latest Version Download

APK Bigs - Sep 11, 2023

Lightleap PRO Mod Apk 1.4.1 Latest Version Download
App Name Lightleap PRO Mod APK
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Latest Version v1.4.1
Get it On com.lightricks.quickshot
Price Free
Size 71.62 MB
MOD Info For Andriod
Category Photography
Update September 11, 2023 (10 months ago)

Taking photos is an art. You need a certain eye to take the perfect picture. The moments are always fleeting and you need to capture a photo at the right moment to get the picture you wanted.

Imagine you wanted to capture a photo of a rain drop falling on a window, or the sunset at the beach. If you look away for a few seconds, you can miss it. Even the most professional photographer’s struggle when it comes to taking that perfect click. You might have to use various editing apps to edit the pictures you have taken and it takes a lot of time to perfect that also.

Download Lightleap Pro APK

This app brings you the chance to get the most perfect picture. This is a very user-friendly app where you can edit your photos easily. You can go on the app and retouch all the aspects of your pictures.

Unleash your creative side while using this app and get your pictures to be a reflection of your thoughts. You do not have to be a professional photo editor to use this app as you can use it even if you do not have any prior photo editing experience. This is the perfect experience when it comes to editing your pictures smoothly without any problems.

Lightleap Mod Apk

Download Lightleap Pro Mod APK

We take a lot of pictures in our everyday life. The cameras on our mobile phones give us access to be able to take pictures anytime anywhere we go. But these pictures can turn out to be less than good.

When it comes to making your pictures look better and turning it into shareable content on your social media, this app is the perfect solution. This app has been downloaded by millions of users who are all satisfied with the ease of the application.

Lightleap Mod Apk

Features of Lightleap Pro Mod APK

Heal your pictures

There can be a few specific things in your pictures either in the front or in the background that might be undesirable for you. The heal feature allows you to expertly get rid of such small imperfections and make your picture look even better than before.

Background options

The background of a picture matters a lot as it decides the whole vibe of a photo. If you are not satisfied with the background of your picture then this app brings you the option to change it with over 60 different backgrounds that you can select according to your preference.

Various filters

The filters are a great way to make your pictures look vibrant and make them more colourful. Certain filters also allow you to make your pictures a bit duller, to give them a darker vibe. This app has many filters that you can select from and apply on your pictures.

Perfect editing

You can make a picture look entirely different after you are done with editing it. Change the whole look of a picture if you are not satisfied with it and select the appropriate tools to make them as perfect as they can be.

Lightleap Mod Apk

Many effects

Effects and filters are different as effects can make your pictures come alive. These effects are easy to apply and you can choose from many different options available. Make your picture sparkly, apply distortions to make it look cooler and many more.

Crop your picture

There can be specific things or backgrounds in your pictures that you might not want to share with other people without completely editing the photo. You can crop these out without diving into the complex editing mechanisms of the app.

Double exposure

This feature allows you to combine two pictures together to get a completely different result. Make sure these photos are really beautiful and are clear enough to look realy aesthetic after getting edited.

Various tools

Apart from the tools mentioned, there are so many tools in the app ranging from the typical and simple tools to more advanced sets of tools. And all of these are really easy to use and you do not need whole tutorials to get a hang of them.

Lightleap Mod Apk


There is a lot that takes to make pictures shareable on social media nowadays and people make a lot of effort into making them into the perfect posts. This app helps you to edit the pictures effortlessly and without even having to pay anything for the subscriptions.


Q. Are there any advertisements in Lightleap Pro Mod APK?

The paid version of the app contains a lot of advertisements and pop ups but the modified version has no such distractions. There will not be any ads in this version so feel free to keep editing.

Q. Can I download the modified version of Lightleap Pro Mod APK on my iPhone?

No, the modified version of the application is only available to be downloaded on android devices as of now.

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