Lokicraft Mod Apk Lokicraft.1.52 Download Latest Version

APK Bigs - Oct 26, 2023

Lokicraft Mod Apk Lokicraft.1.52 Download Latest Version
App Name Lokicraft Mod Apk
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Latest Version vLokicraft.1.52
Get it On com.ua.building.Lokicraft
Price Free
Size 58.05 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Update October 26, 2023 (7 months ago)

People love playing games because they let you escape the real world. In the world of gaming, anything and everything seems possible and achievable and it js a great way to let off some steam as well.

There are many games like Minecraft that let you create a whole different world but not many people can have access to the game or they might prefer something other than that. This game can be downloaded on your phone or other device and can be played anywhere, anytime. You can start playing it whenever you are free and don’t have the energy to deal with the real world problems.

Lokicraft Mod Apk

Download Lokicraft APK

This game is pretty recent and that is why not many people know about it, but many times the games that aren’t too popular can end up giving you a fun time. This game has been downloaded by millions of people already and the reviews are all great by the players.

This game has an interesting storyline which is gripping, and you will get immersed into it. In the game you have to build various things with the blocks that you are provided with. You can leave a space for a hole if you are not able to access a certain spot.

Download Lokicraft Mod APK

The game is a world of its own where you can get animals that you can take care of and provide food for. A whole family of your own where you are tasked with raising your children.

There is a whole map of the world where you are not limited to just one place but there is a chance for exploration and discovering new spots. The game gives you a fair opportunity to play and master it because there are no cheat codes or easier way to do things. However, the modified version does bring you additional advantages like unlimited gems.

Lokicraft Mod Apk

Monsters in the game

As the game is not easy and has its own challenges, the most important ones are the monsters. These monsters are real and can do anything to destroy the life you have built in the game. You have to fight them off in order to be in your safe space.

Challenging game

The game is not easy as it has many levels with their own challenges. You can be required to go to places that you have not seen before and you need to take all the risks in order to be the best in the game.

Animals can be trained

You can get wild animals like lions and you can get horses and monkeys. You can train these animals to do things as you want. You can take them on adventures as they can help you along the path.


You can get many weapons to fight off the obstacles and enemies that you encounter. As mentioned, there are monsters that can hinder your progress in the game and these weapons will be needed to fight them off. The better the weapons, the better chance you have to fight the monsters easily.

Lokicraft Mod Apk

Interface is really easy

The interface of an app or game matters a lot to ease the experience. This game has a smooth interface as all the options you need will be available to you. You just have to click on the options to select your response to a certain situation.

Unlimited money

The modified version gives you the chance to get unlimited money and gems that you can use to easily go ahead in the game. You don’t have to wait to clear your tasks and challenges to earn the gems. These can be used to purchase different tools and weapons.

Store in the game

The modified version gives you access to the VIP store in the game where you can purchase all the things you need to progress. Use the money at the store to make your gameplay simpler.

Customise your game

You can make your whole game look like whatever you prefer. You can change the time of the day, like alter the sun and the mood. Add different colours to build the world. You can customise the animals and change how they behave.

Lokicraft Mod Apk


This game is loved by all the players. The modified version brings more convenience and ease. Download the game now to start playing in a whole different world.

Lokicraft Mod Apk


Q. Does Lokicraft Mod APK contain advertisements?

The paid version of the game contains ads but the modified version has no ads or pop ups to distract you from an intense gaming experience.

Q. Can we go on exploring the world in Lokicraft Mod APK?

Yes, the world is open for exploration. The map is there for your convenience where you can discover new places that you might want to go find.

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