MyHeritage Apk v6.5.14 Everything Unlocked

APK Bigs - Sep 07, 2023

MyHeritage Apk V6.5.14 Everything Unlocked
App Name MyHeritage Apk
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Latest Version v6.5.14
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Price Free
Size 120.25 MB
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Category Photography
Update September 07, 2023 (17 days ago)

There are so many people that are part of your family but you do not know about them as they were separated from your family and they may not know about you either. But you can link your family and extended family of your grandparents' living right now through the application name MyHeritage APK.

This is an amazing application and with technology you can easily know where your family is because this application has data of more than 12 billion people. They have the birth certificates, newspapers and adoption papers etc part of the application that help them know where your family would be by giving them your details.

Myheritage Premium Apk

MyHeritage APK

The initial version is available for everyone to get it on your device by a simple process of installation. Download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and start linking your family up with this application and know where the long lost family is living. It has some premium features but you can easily use the built in features.

Features of MyHeritage APK

Huge Database

This application has a huge database of people from all around the world. People have linked their families and got to know a lot about their extended families that were long lost before they were born.

Create your Family Tree

You can create your family tree with the help of this application. It has some basic requirements from your side to make a family tree. It is like the old family that people used to make by adding on the pictures of their family members and making a tree.

Know about your Long Lost Family

You can get a hint about your extended family that were long lost before you were even born. These people belong to your grandparents' time and they have family now that are your relatives but you do not know about them but this application can help you in knowing those people.


You can also order a DNA kit that can also help you and get more specific results about the linkage of your family. This can easily be ordered by the application and it will help you in doing your task very easily.

Historical Records

This application also consists of the historical records of your grandparents time and way before that time you can find different newspapers but certificates, adoption papers and many more things that can help you in getting more specific results. 

Myheritage Premium Apk

Why is MyHeritage Pro so Special?

MyHeritage Pro is a special version that you should have knowledge about because it is one of the best applications you can get. This application will help you know everything in a very easy way. This app does not ask you for money which is why it is more popular and in demand because most of the people want applications that give you more benefits and not ask for money or any hidden charges.

Download MyHeritage Pro Latest Version 2023

To install the smart version of the pro app you need to get the version 2023 of MyHeritage Pro APK which has some amazing stuff in it. The app has some remarkable features which includes everything free.

Features of MyHeritage Pro APK

Easy to Use

The Pro version of MyHeritage APK is made up of an easy to use user interface so that people can easily get what this application is all about. Downloading process is also very easy.

No Installation Fee

There are no installation fees so that everyone can use this application to know where long lost relatives are based these days. The free installation is one of the best features of the pro application.

No Need to Watch Ads

There are ads that are not necessary to watch in the pro version because it is made on the rule that there will be nothing that bothers the users at any cost.

Myheritage Premium Apk

Why Download MyHeritage Pro APK?

If you want an application that is very convenient to use as well as there is no money required for installing or no forceful advertisement part of the application, you should go for MyHeritage Pro APK. It consists of pro features to give you all the facilities without any compromise. 

Final Verdict

MyHeritage APK app is one famous application that can help you in knowing your old relatives that are not in contact with you anymore. You can know your family tree and many more things about your family as it has a huge database of billions of people. Download this application and track the family members that are not in contact with you anymore.

Myheritage Premium Apk


Q. What is the size of the MyHeritage APK app?

The size of the MyHeritage APK app is just 58.13 MB.

Q. Is the results of MyHeritage APK app always correct?

The application does not give you the exact same result every time as it is 80% correct and it is not going to challenge you that there will be no deviation from the result but it is all made on the old historical documents that can match your information which is not all the time correct.

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